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Mad for Mel – Book 7 – Coming Soon!

In time for Valentine’s Day (and hopefully before the end of this month) the seventh book in the Morelville Mysteries series, Mad for Mel will be released. I’m working on edits to it and I’m also working on a surprise spin off project – yes another one – that I hope will be out in March. The original spin off project, The Morelville Cozies series will see at least two new additions to its currently meager line-up of one book this year as well.

Here’s a peek at the cover of Mad for Mel:

Mad for Mel Cover

This newest story has a whole lot of mystery and more than a little romance too. This time around, you get to know the whodunit part right up front and be appalled at the goings on while Sheriff Mel and her team are completely in the dark and scrambling to get it all figured out. Of course, there will be wrong turns for them all along the way and Dana gets involved – completely unknowingly – in it all too.

Does that sound like fun?