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Lesfic Science Fiction and Fantasy Preview Giveaway

A group of my lesfic author friends recently had a discussion about the lack of ‘visibility’ for lesbian-themed science fiction and fantasy works written by…well, you know, lesbians. It’s not that women aren’t writing books featuring lesbian characters and other strong female characters – who don’t get killed off – that appeal to sci-fi and fantasy readers. Not at all. It’s that our preferred publishing houses are so focused on the hot-selling romance genre that they produce few of these works and only promote them (as with most books they publish) in the month or so after release. There’s very little visibility for them.

Some traditionally published lesfic writers are writing science fiction and fantasy. Many indie authors are. In an effort to give these genres more visibility inside the realm of lesfic, twelve women have formed an alliance to bring you previews of their work. There are 15 samples in all of dystopia, Sci-fi and fantasy; all as different as the women who created them and all free for the asking.

Lesfic Science Fiction and Fantasy Preview Giveaway

The previews included and their authors:

The Lesfic Fantasy and Sci-Fi sampler page is alive with previews of all of the books now. Feel free to check it out and enjoy!