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Lesfic Party Today for Authors and Readers

New year, new books! Lesfic is growing and we’re throwing a party to celebrate. Join me and several other authors and readers on Facebook today for a Lesfic Party. The party starts at 1:00 Eastern time and ends at 11:00 PM. You can join in anytime you’re available throughout the afternoon and evening and chat with some of your favorite authors and other lesfic readers.

So Who’s Coming to this Lesfic Party?

Lesfic Party for Authors And Readers

On the author side, Isabella kicks us off at 1:00, as you can see. She’s followed by Annette Mori at 2:00 and yours truly at 3:00 and then there’s a whole slate of talented ladies to follow well into the evening.

There will be questions flying both ways between all of the authors and the readers, contests, games and GIVEAWAYS. Most of the authors (if not all!) are giving away copies of their books. I’ll have eBooks and a paperback or two to give away. Rumor has it there will be some gift cards up for grabs too!

Everyone is invited. Tell your friends who enjoy lesfic and give them the link to join us. Here it is in all its ugly old hyperlink form for you to share fare and wide:

I hope to see you at the party! As always, thanks for reading!