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Lesfic Authors – Our Growing Community

As more and more lesbians come out, more of their stories are coming out. More important is that more of the stories they have inside them, begging to be told, are coming out too. There are more active lesfic authors out there today, producing great fiction than ever before. And tomorrow? And the next day and the next? There will be even more!

Lesfic List Logo

Two and a half years ago – yes, that long ago – with a blog post, I created what ultimately became the Lesfic Author List. That initial post contained the names of 153 lesfic authors I was personally familiar with, I could track down online by website or by their GoodReads profile.

My initial post was met with such enthusiasm from authors and readers alike, and so many names were passed along to me, I wrote two more blog posts before the list was moved to its permanent page on my website. As of this writing, there are 409 authors listed in the active section!

The Lesfic Authors List Today:

In ongoing efforts, I’m working on identifying authors missing from the list, old/established and new, and also on identifying all of their works by genre; something the original list lacked. I’ve got a long way to go with all of this, but it’s a labor of love.

If you or an author you love isn’t on the list, let me know.

Why do this? Because it’s a living, breathing document of us, our writers, writing fiction for us. Because lesfic authors deserve the same recognition that mainstream writers get. Also because readers deserve to have a resource to easily find new authors in their preferred genres. And, perhaps most of all, because readers can read a lot faster than we can write. They need a place to go that lists everyone we can find that writes for us, about us. That’s why.