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Kindle Unlimited – My Books are All In!

Life is crazy sometimes...

Life is crazy sometimes. Mine seems to be crazy all the time. I had to make a decision a couple of days ago: Cut out some writing time or cut out some administrative, marketing, and promotion time. I chose the latter. In so doing, I had to pull my books from all of the retailers where I was selling them, so I could have them exclusively with Amazon to take advantage of the Kindle Unlimited program.

My wife and I have been helping her twin and her husband care for four children they’re fostering through ‘kinship care’ while their parents try and get their lives together. Drugs are a scourge on our nation’s children…don’t get me started. Within the last few days, two of our great nephews have been added to the mix, pending a future move back to Ohio for their parents. Now there are six kids, all under the age of six, with four of them in diapers.

We all work. The babysitter was already working hard. Now we’ve increased her load by 50% more. My schedule is a bit more flexible than everyone else’s so I got tagged in to help with morning care on my work weeks (I work seven days on, seven off) before I go off to work. I love kids and I’m happy to do it, but back here in writer land, something had to give.

Enter Kindle Unlimited:

Kindle Unlimited LogoMy books are now all available in KU. This was a tough decision and one I did not make lightly. I’ve not closed any of the other accounts completely. Should things change…and it’s looking like September or later before they do, I’ll put everything back.

I appreciate the support of everyone who buys my books, no matter the platform. For those of you who do not purchase from Amazon, there are options to join my mailing list and then my ARC team, or to follow and support me on Patreon. In either case, you will receive many of my new releases.

Thank you, everyone, for reading my work and for all of your support. It’s much appreciated.

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