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K’Anne Meinel has a New Book Out and Chances to Win

K’Anne Meinel dropped in on a Facebook thread the other day and mentioned she has a new release out that has an intriguing premise. The book is titled, An Island Between Us. Check it out:

An Island Between Us by K'Anne MeinelThe war is over, and the boys are coming home. It’s time for women everywhere to leave the factories and return to their rightful places…in the kitchen.

Women did their duty and filled many traditionally male jobs while their men were fighting for their country, but now, the men are back and ready to take over. But what if your man didn’t return? And what if you found you enjoyed the freedom your job gave you?

Neither Marion Whiting nor Barbara Jenkins loved their jobs in the mill; however, they did the best job they could for their government, and after being widowed by the war, those jobs had become a necessity.

The two women fell in love and moved in together to save on expenses, but they soon discovered life is very different from when they were married to men. After giving up their individual homes in order to buy a place together, they learn that no bank will give them a loan without a responsible male’s signature. Since Marion and Barbara no longer have men to ‘take care’ of them, they decide they will take care of themselves and each other.

Dreams are meant to be pursued, so Marion and Barbara buy an island using the last of their combined money. They want to create a vacation getaway where they can raise their shared family, but they have no idea what it will take to make their dreams on this island a reality.

Will they have to give up their dreams to save their relationship? Will the freedoms they enjoy be thwarted by outside influences? Come along as two women in post-war Maine embark on their dream. “What could possibly go wrong?” you ask…

Intrigued? I was!

You can get the book from Amazon here or from the link above and also from these other fine retailers:

Barnes & Noble:

Do you want a chance to win it? Please leave a comment below. K’Anne has five copies to give away. Hurry! Winners will be drawn randomly, Friday evening, July 26th, 2019.

P.S.: The K’Anne Meinel books Flight and Sayyida were recently released on Audible as audiobooks. Sayyida isn’t even linked in the Amazon store yet! Comment also for a chance to win a code to download one of those free.