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Jacket Blurb for Steel City Confidential

My novel ‘Steel City Confidential’ should be released in the next few days…fingers crossed! I made a few attempts at a back book jacket blurb that I felt captured the essence of this legal thriller that’s so much more because it was based on a reader challenge to create a book with multiple ‘must haves’. 

 This is the jacket blurb I settled on. What do you think?

Clients hide things from their lawyers all the time. Pam Wilson makes it an art form.
Cover of Steel City ConfidentialPam’s been on the run from the law for years and she was getting away with it. The statute of limitations ran out on most of her crimes. For her spouse Charlotte? Not so much. 
Though they were aging, they looked forward to enjoying their golden years and, hopefully, forgetting about the past.
Life got complicated when Charlotte became gravely ill, their daughter got pregnant with the child of a married man…a married man someone took shots at from a rare motorcycle Pam happens to own. When the man was shot again and killed in his office at Pitt a couple of weeks later, the police found all signs pointing to Pam. 
Rochelle ‘Ro’ Rabinowitz, a second-generation Pittsburgh lawyer, and her little firm take on Pam’s case pro-bono. Ro thinks it’s a slam dunk for the defense and hands the case off to her new associate and – she hopes – her future partner in the firm, Dominique, to get her feet wet in a courtroom. Clients are never completely honest with their lawyers and Ro and Dominique soon learn this one is no exception.
Slam dunk? More like a pipe dream…
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