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Inked Rainbow Reads Awards 4 Stars to Busy Bees

I’d like to thank Chris at Inked Rainbow Reads for her thought provoking review of the second book in the Morelville Mysteries series, ‘Busy Bees‘. Chris says it’s a roller coaster ride which is exactly what I intended it to be! She’ll be tackling books one and three soon (‘Relic‘ and Dana’s Dilemma) and I look forward to hearing what she has to say about those. In the meantime, check out her review below or at the Inked Rainbow Reads site and please, by all means, check out Inked Rainbow Reads.

“A really well constructed mystery. Reading this novel was like riding a roller coaster. The plot would slow down, clues given with nothing connecting them. Suddenly things would fall into place, the chase would soar, then more clues would be discovered, again the pace would slow only to be followed by an almost breathless chase for the truth.
The strength of this novel was not just its interesting and believable characters but the way the plot kept on getting more compelling with seemingly random incidents  the connection only being unveiled at the crucial moment.
This novel keeps the reader intrigued from the outset, satisfying the most avid of amateur detective readers. An ending that leaves the reader still asking questions and even more intrigue not yet explored, only adds to the enjoyment of this novel.The relationship between the Sheriff and her girlfriend also takes a back burner to the main plot leaving the reader hoping for further enlightenment that only a sequel could provide.
Having only read Book 2 of this series I am now searching for book 1 and eager to discover when book 3 will be published!!” ~ Chris
 Inked Rainbow Reads