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I Lied and a Video

My last post was a lie. My issue with the Opera House Ops cozy mystery showing as a serial at Amazon isn’t fixed. Not even close. Though I’m working with someone at Amazon to right the issue, it’s proving difficult.

Most books in a series have a title that comes first and then a subtitle that’s actually the series title. Serials have three titles; the individual episode title such as, Breaking In – Episode 1,  the overall book title such as Opera House Ops (think of that like a season of a television series that builds from show to show) and the the series title such as The Morelville Cozies. The typical 2-part Title/Subtitle format does not work for these books, no matter how you work them…sigh.

Anyway, Episode 8 – Gone Guy is due out late this week. You can look for it late night Thursday night or early Friday morning. In the meantime, here’s they synopsis for the episode:

Opera House Ops - Episode 8 CoverA man vanishes without a trace with nothing but his wallet, his car and the clothes on his back. No one has a clue why he left or where he’s gone. A diva returns to the village though and she may have all the answers.

Things are really starting to boil over!

In other news, the ramp up to our haunted house opening and all of the anguish and stress that goes along with it is finally over. Our grand opening for 2016 was Saturday night. It was cold but otherwise the weather semi-cooperated. Multiple other forces (in the form of local and county wide events) conspired against us to keep the crowd numbers low but we beat our 2015 opening night and, weather aside, things should improve as October progresses. We’re not discouraged!

A friend, neighbor and actor in the haunt put a great video together for us using some of her own creativity, some pictures from last year and some pictures I took as we built this year. You can check it out below (it’s not gory at all). I’m hoping now that we’ve got some pics of the finished product for this year and some action shots from last night, we can convince her to do another!

By the way, the ‘Uncle Fester’ looking character in one of the shots is my wife, made up and ready to roll one night last year. Didn’t she look great?