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Hitched and Tied Finalized Cover Reveal

I had a sit down with my wannabe book cover designer about the not quite ready for prime time cover he came up with for the fourth book in the Morelville Mysteries series (coming in June), ‘Hitched and Tied‘. We talked about the pros and the cons of his first effort that I laid out in my potential cover post yesterday. He went back to the drawing board…er…his image editing software and this is what he came up with in his second effort:

Hitched and Tied Final Cover

I say it’s not bad for what it cost me: $10 to join Dollar Photo Club for a month and the use of three of my 10 complimentary images plus a little trial and error experience for the young man. I’m going to give it a shot when the book releases in June.

It should be interesting to see how a 50/50 romance/mystery does with such a cover. My readers that lean more romance than mystery might have some heartburn with it but, since none of my previous covers have had any sort of romantic element at all, I think they’ve come to expect that I’m not going to give them anything traditional on the wrapper. We shall see! What say you?