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Hannah’s Hope is Out!

Hannah’s Hope: The Morelville Mysteries – Book 8 is now available at Amazon for the Kindle.

Edited in late 2016 to add: The book is now available at most major internet retailers. Please see the book page for more information.

It really felt like this one was a long time coming, didn’t it? It did to me, anyway. That’s what I get for stopping in the ‘middle’ of an ongoing mystery series to write a romance novel but, hey, it was related.

Here’s the cover again with a slight change from our little contest a couple of months ago that chose this one over another one several readers liked. I felt like the title on the artist’s original mock-up of this cover was too small, especially in a thumbnail sized view. This still appears small at the smallest viewing sizes but it’s better.

Hannah's Hope Cover

Hannah’s Hope Book Blurb:

A young mother with a troubled past seeks help from Mel and Dana but is their effort to assist her too little, too late?

Hannah Yoder appears on Dana and Mel’s doorstep late one night with her teenage friend Katie and Katie’s newborn baby in tow telling the couple the girl and child are in trouble and have no place else to go. Dana and Mel offer refuge for the night and a firm promise to talk about the future. Plans are barely made when first one mysterious tragedy strikes and then another leaving Mel, Dana, Hannah and the Crane and Rossi families with few clues and little hope.

Mel knows there’s a killer out there; she just doesn’t know where to start looking. She’s stonewalled at every turn and running out of time. Somebody knows something that will unlock the mysteries swirling all around, but who?

Author’s Notes:

This can certainly be read as a standalone mystery but it’s better when read in order – after books 1-7. And, that reminds me; now that this is out, the set, The Morelville Collection has become quite outdated. It didn’t contain Book 7 in the series, Mad for Mel so, now with this release, I’ve pulled the set from Amazon. Look for an all new set in early to mid July of all 8 books at Amazon for the Kindle and for Kindle Unlimited. Edited in late 2016 to add: The Morelville Collection of all 8 books, including Hannah’s Hope, is available at Amazon for the Kindle and free via Kindle Unlimited

Most other major online retailers carry a boxed set of the first four books in this series (and a companion guide). As an individual book, this will be exclusive at Amazon for some time but, if your preference is for another retailer, a second box set is now available at your favorite non-Amazon site containing books 5-8.

Finally, I know I’m way behind on paperbacks with only the first five in this series and the romance released in print versions. Please bear with me this summer and fall as I get the rest of the series and the first in the cozies series set up and available.

Happy reading!