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Hannah’s Hope and Haunted Houses

This past week was a crazy busy week and, guess what? Summer is shaping up to be absolutely, off the wall nuts! There are family and community commitments, work and business commitments and a whole host of other ‘stuff’. Crazy, I tell you!

Anyway, in case you missed it, ‘we’, as in several readers, a handful of my family members and I all had a little vote for the cover of my next book, Hannah’s Hope: The Morelville Mysteries – Book 8. You can see the cover that won here. The book was actually coming along rather nicely and I was thinking maybe I could even get it released before the end of this month instead of in mid to late June.

Alas, that’s not going to happen. Some other things jumped to the forefront and, I also found out early this past week that I have to do all day training an hour+ away for my part time day job for 4 days the last full week of this month. That totally obliterates my early morning and afternoon write time when I get the bulk of my writing and editing done. Now, I’d try and squeeze it in some other way but I don’t want to skimp on sleep having to leave the house at 5:30 AM to drive all the way to Columbus or try to do it in the late evening when I’m brain fried. Sigh… Sadly, it’s training I don’t even need. I’ve been doing the job for 2 1/2 years. It’s mandatory to tick off a box on my forever personnel file…government stuff.

So, look for Hannah’s Hope in mid to late June, after all. Also, there’s been some call over the last two weeks for a Broken Women sequel. Readers feel that the story was resolved and yet, it wasn’t. It wasn’t on my radar to do a sequel – at least not in 2016 – but I may just add it in there for a late summer release…very late summer. Hannah’s Hope is going to open up a whole new chapter (pun intended) in the Morelville Mysteries Series. I’m thinking there’s going to be some clamoring for more there too once readers get to the end of it and think, OMG, What just happened? That leaves me torn over which thread to follow first!

Building PurchaseFrankly, I’ve probably bitten off a lot more than I can chew this year, period. Friday…as in Friday the 13th, my wife and I drove to Columbus after I got off work and I wrote the biggest check I’ve ever written in my life (honestly, who writes checks anymore anyway, right?). We bought a post frame building kit to erect on our property to make her dream of owning her own haunted house a concrete reality. That’s her smiling, thumbs up, holding the 8 page receipt. It delivers in 2-4 weeks and then life will get even more stupid crazy around here. We have to stand the building, electrify it and then ‘haunt’ it.

I’d committed to myself that besides finishing Broken Women (done), raising funds and buying a building (done), raising the building and building it out (not even touched) and finishing an 8th Morelville Mystery (in progress) that I’d work on three more cozies with two to be released back to back late this year. I have one, The Passed Prop, that was published in late 2015 hanging out there all alone. That was never my intent to leave it like that. I really want to follow the other two books up but I also want to continue the cozy series…what to do? It certainly makes it even more difficult that October is haunt month and I’ll be constantly promoting for that so those two cozies that need early November and early December releases are going to have to be written by the end of Summer…and, to top it off, I only have the thinnest notion on their plots. Arrrgh!

I need about a month off from absolutely everything but writing… Anyone want to be my body double for 4-5 weeks – say the entire month of June – and do my life while I do nothing but write?