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Great Deals on Great eBooks

Do I have some deals for you! This is ‘Read an eBook Week’ so this blog post is going to be all about free and seriously discounted eBooks. If you’re not interested in good deals on ebooks, then read no further. We can chat again some other time.

Still here? Great!

Disclaimer: Much of what follows is self-serving, because everything includes deals on my books, but please keep reading because there’s something here for everyone.

Sullied Sally Book CoverFirst up, You may have heard I have a new release, Sullied Sally. It’s the 10th book in my lesfic themed mystery series, ‘The Morelville Mysteries’. This one is all mystery in a very police procedural style featuring Sheriff Mel Crane, her Detectives Shane Harding and Janet Mason and her new sparring partner, Deputy DA Andrea Anderson. Oh, I almost forgot…her old nemesis, her stalker, Sally Loring, turns up in this installment too.

You can get it for just $.99 for a very limited time by clicking the link above and visiting the book page on this site or by clicking the graphic to the left (a universal buy link).

Broken Women Book CoverNext is my lesfic romance, Broken Women. It’s been around a little while, It’s enjoying a bit of a resurgence here lately. You can grab it for $.99 too for a few more days. The link will take you to the book page for the full synopsis while clicking the graphic on the right will take you right to universal purchase links.

Now then, who’s a cozy mystery fan?

My cozy mystery, The Passed Prop is in this bundle of six, full-length (1325 pages) cozy mystery novels by six different authors. It’s been out for a couple of weeks or so at $7.99. Starting today, for just a few days, you can get it for $.99. If you’re a cozy fan, you can’t pass this deal for Cozy Winter Reads up.

Finally, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the mega-eBook sale going on for ‘Read an eBook Week’ over at Smashwords.

All of my books are on sale over there. A few are free. The rest are at least 50% off. 75,000 other books are also discounted at least 25%. Check it out! The link above will take you directly to my profile and my sale books. The graphic below will take you to the full sale. Happy reading!