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Giveaway Author Spotlight: Penny Mickelbury

Penny Mickelbury is one of 30 authors involved in a big giveaway of 43 autographed lesfic books that ends on September 15th, 2017. Penny is the author of ten mystery novels in three successful series: The Carol Ann Gibson Mysteries, the Mimi Patterson/Gianna Maglione Mysteries, and the Philip Rodriguez Mysteries. An accomplished playwright, Penny was a pioneering newspaper, radio and television reporter in Washington, D.C.  She received the Golden Pen Award for best mystery, 2003, and an Audre Lorde Estate Grant. She is a native of Atlanta, Georgia and a fifth generation Georgian.

I had the honor and the pleasure of meeting Penny and serving on the Mystery and Mayhem panel at the 2017 GCLS Conference in Chicago, along with my fellow co-sponsor of this giveaway, EA Kafkalas. Penny was also the Special Speaker for the conference.

You can learn more about Penny Mickelbury and her books at her website,

Penny contributed an autographed copy of her book, Keeping Secrets to the giveaway.

All about Keeping Secrets by Penny Mickelbury:

Keeping Secrets by Penny MickelburySomeone is murdering wealthy, married–and deeply closeted gay people in their own automobiles while parked in deserted parking lots in Washington, DC. Someone the victims allowed into their cars late at night. Someone who knows their most guarded and protected secret. Five murders so far on the same day of the month. Police Lieutenant Gianna Maglione, head of the DC Police Department’s Hate Crimes Unit, has a month to find and stop the killer or she’ll find Body #6. But she has another problem in ace newspaper reporter Mimi Patterson, who thinks the public, especially the gay public, has a right to know that a serial killer is on the prowl.Until Mimi, Gianna had managed to keep the murders a secret. A newspaper story would create a sensation and most likely drive the killer underground. They clash, the reporter and the cop, but only in public. Their private attraction to each other is as dangerous to them as, well, as a serial killer. Secrets=Death, and almost everybody has at least one. Including cops and reporters.

The giveaway is over – it ended, September 15th, 2017, but you can get Keeping Secrets by Penny Mickelbury, here.