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Giveaway Author Spotlight: Michele M. Reynolds

Michele M. Reynolds is one of 30 authors involved in a big giveaway of 43 autographed lesfic books that ends on September 15th, 2017. Michele writes fiction with a mix of adventure, humor and romance. She is the author of eight lesfic novels. She grew up in north New Jersey. She has lived in Pennsylvania, Florida, North Carolina and currently resides in Western Massachusetts. She enjoys hiking, camping, reading, writing and spending time with her Kelly, three great kids Emily, Ty and Eli and her dog Cali.

You can learn more about Michele M. Reynolds and her books at her website,

Michele contributed an autographed copy of her book, Love’s Autograph to the giveaway. Fitting, don’t you think?

All about Love’s Autograph by Michele M. Reynolds:

Love's Autograph by Michele M. ReynoldsWhat do you do when you show up at an apartment to pick up your blind date and she mistakes you for her kid’s sitter?

Lesbian rock star EJ Way decides to be the sitter for the night. Fascinated by both Ria and her eleven-year-old daughter, she finds herself sitting night after night, without revealing who she really is. Getting a glimpse into their family life seems like a nice change of pace from her world of music and fame. She doesn’t count on falling in love—or on having to watch Ria go on date after date.


The giveaway is over – it ended, September 15th, 2017, but you can get Love’s Autograph by Michele M. Reynolds, here.