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Giveaway Author Spotlight: Lynn Galli

Lynn Galli is among 30 authors involved in a big giveaway of 43 autographed lesfic books that ends on September 15th. Lynn stays in the Pacific Northwest for its beautiful weather, limited coffee choices, and non-existent traffic. After brief stints in warmer conditions, she realized nothing compares to the sandals and socks climate found on the Washington coast.

You can learn more about Lynn Galli and her books at her website,

She has contributed autographed copies of her books, Cliched Love, One Off and Uncommon Emotions to the giveaway.

All about Cliched Love by Lynn Galli:

Cliched Love by Lynn GalliVega, a journalist by trade and a cynic for life, came up with a brilliant pitch for a series of articles. Recount the tales of lesbian and gay couples to assure the heterosexual population that the institution of marriage isn’t at risk now that gay marriage is legal. Her editor loved the idea. Vega loved the notion of a long-term assignment that paid regularly. What she didn’t realize until too late was that she’d have to sit through every one of these often banal, regularly nauseating love stories without wanting to hurl herself off the nearest cliff. So much for her brilliant idea.

By the time she arrives in Seattle, she’s already had enough of interviewing couples, but she’s determined to see it through. After all, if the readers of a national newspaper can recognize a love story as a love story, regardless of sexuality, she might change a few minds out there. Helping to temper the discontent is new friend, Iris, who seems to know everyone’s story and, more importantly, shares Vega’s take on them. As the interviews continue and her friendship with Iris grows, Vega wonders if her lifelong cynical attitude toward love might be softening a bit.

One Off:

One Off by Lynn GalliHow much would you endure for your best friend? Would you plan an elaborate event that you don’t believe in? Put up with a woman you never wanted to see again? Fake enthusiasm for an unrealistic pipe dream?

Skye MacKinnon is forced to answer these questions when she’s asked to be her best friend’s maid of honor. As a cynic, she rejects the notion of marital bliss, but for a friend, she’ll give it her best effort. That becomes more difficult the moment she learns that her old college nemesis, Ainsley Baird, will be playing an important role in the wedding. Brilliant, beautiful Ainsley has many talents, chief among them is irritating Skye. Knowing how easily Ainsley pushes her buttons, Skye just hopes to get through the wedding without needing someone to post her bail.

Uncommon Emotions:

Uncommon Emotions by Lynn GalliAs a turnaround specialist, Joslyn Simonini spends her days analyzing corporate profit margins and trying to keep her likeness from being turned into a voodoo doll by company employees. If she does her job well, they often lose theirs. So, it comes as a surprise when she finds herself being kissed one day at work. She’s even more shocked to find out that the mysterious kissing bandit is a woman.

Not in the habit of kissing women, Joslyn tries to brush off the unintentional mistake. But before long, she’s forced to examine the rush of emotions that accompanied the kiss, especially when she meets Raven Malvolio. At first, she needs Raven to complete her analysis, but she doesn’t expect to need the friendship that Raven offers. When those friendly feelings escalate to something more, Joslyn’s confusion and underdeveloped emotional range might ruin her chance at a relationship that could surpass even her dreams.

Uncommon Emotions takes a look at how someone can think she’s happy with her life only to be surprised by the passion she’s yet to feel.

The giveaway is over. It ended September 15th, 2017 but you can get Cliched Love, One-Off and Uncommon Emotions by Lynn Galli at the links.