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Giveaway Author Spotlight: KB Draper

KB Draper is one of 30 authors involved in a big giveaway of 43 autographed lesfic books that ends on September 15th. She discovered her talent for storytelling at a party. Long story short, someone told her she should write a book. Someone else told her to do a keg stand. The book thing worked out better. K.B.’s not a classically trained writer, but she fakes it pretty okay and hopefully inspires a few chuckles along the way.

You can learn more about the incomparable KB and her books at her website: 

KB has contributed an autographed copy of her book  Demons Shemons to the giveaway.

All about Demons Shemons:

Demons Shemons by KB DraperMost people come home with a window sticker, a shot glass, or a bottle opener cleverly disguised as a key chain from their summer vacations, not Addison Jo Maddox (a.k.a. AJ, if you want to keep your front teeth). Nope, instead of hitting a three-for-ten T-shirt shop like a good tourist, AJ drunkenly stumbled into a sacred Native American Indian ritual and accidentally inherited an ancient hunter spirit.

Now AJ, the hunter spirit, whom she lovingly named Norm, and Danny, Norm’s rightful heir, wander the country fighting demons that escape from Hell to enjoy this world’s lavish all-you-can-eat soul buffet.

A national park in Mississippi is the next stop on their traveling shit show because someone or something (spoiler alert: it’s totally a demon) is killing residents of a nearby small town. But demons aren’t the only thing AJ and Danny have to contend with this go around. Throw in a self-righteous, holier-than-thou reverend, his dick-for-brains son, a not-so-sure-what-side-of-the-law-she’s-on sheriff and a super-sexy, do-jiggly-things-to-your-naughty-bits park ranger and well, AJ just might find herself in a battle that she’s not prepared for … love.

The giveaway is over. It ended September 15th, 2017 but you can get Demons Shemons by KB Draper, here.