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We’re Going to the GCLS Con!

We’re on our way to the GCLS Con, my wife and I! I’ll be spending the next several days in Chicago immersed in all things lesfic. That means I’ll be in my glory among my people – other readers and writers of the books we love.

My wife isn’t going for the Con. I bet, if you asked her, she couldn’t even tell you what GCLS stands for. (Psst, if you don’t know either it’s ‘Golden Crown Literary Society). She’s just going because she needs a break away from work and…other stuff…to relax and recharge. While I’m running around like a loon between master classes, panels and readings, she’ll be lounging at the pool and in front of the TV doing absolutely nothing. We’ll both love every minute of it.

I’m what is known in Con speak as a “Con Virgin” this year,¬†since it’s my first GCLS Con. It certainly won’t be my last and it’s certainly the only thing I’ve been virginal at for quite some time. In honor of that, I put a little something special together. For the month of July only, you can get a GCLS¬†Con Sampler¬†exclusively from Amazon that features three of my full length novels and one of my lesfic romance short stories.

In the GCLS Con Sampler You Get:

This will sell for only $0.99. That’s 90% off the cover price of the combined books so get it while you can!

Conference Call

If you’re at the con, please track me down and say hello. And, before I forget, while you’re there, Bella Books will be selling an anthology of short stories about first timers at the con (any con), titled, Conference Call.

Yours truly has a mystery short in the book. You can buy it in paperback in Chicago at the GCLS convention or direct from Bella in paperback or eBook form after July 5th. All proceeds benefit GCLS.

In other news, the Win a Lesfic eBook Libary Giveaway is still going on. All through July, you can enter to win 42 lesbian fiction eBooks for your Kindle or Kindle reading software by signing up for my email list at Bookfetti. And, the more you share the social media links from the Bookfetti site, the more chances you have to win. It’s a $340 value and it’s all on me!

Find out how you can win the Lesfic eBook Library here. Good luck!

Win a 42 eBook Lesfic Library