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It’s Con Time! – The GCLS Con and the Con Sampler, That is!

I’m off soon to the Golden Crown Literary Society (GCLS) conference in fabulous, sunny (read HOT!) Las Vegas. Last year, before my first GCLS Con, I put together a Con Sampler with three of my full-length books and a short story. I sold it for $.99 all through the month of July, but only on Amazon since the short story was in Kindle Unlimited at the time.

I’ve revived the Con Sampler for this year – at the same low price. And, this time, it’s available wherever eBooks are sold.  You can get it from your e-retailer of choice, right here:  Books2Read Con Sampler. If you don’t see the retailer you prefer (…still waiting on GooglePlay to pick it up), keep checking, or get it in any format you prefer at Smashwords for the same price.

The books included in the Con Sampler are:

The Cover for the Con SamplerDana’s Dilemma, the third book in my lesfic mystery/romance series, ‘The Morelville Mysteries’.

Opera House Ops, the second book in the cozy mystery series I spun off of the lesfic series. It features the 60+ year old mothers of the two main characters in the other series and stands alone from those books.

Broken Women, my first romance novel. It features two lesbian secondary characters who appear in book six of the Morelville Mysteries series, ‘Mad for Mel’. There’s no need to have read that book to get into Broken Women. It stands alone from the series with most of the events in it, taking place prior to the start of the mystery series.

Salt Lake City Utah, the 3rd short story I published in my ‘Loving Blue in Red States’ short story series. Each of the stories in the ‘Loving Blue’ series stands completely alone. ‘Salt Lake’ is a sweet lesfic romance between two twenty-something women.

Please Note: Dana’s Dilemma and Broken Women contain erotic scenes between consenting adult women. If that is distasteful to you, you may want to skip this deal. No hard feelings!

About the GCLS Con…

My wife and I went to Las Vegas for a few days in March of 2016 because that’s where my parents wanted to go to celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary. We stayed downtown at the Golden Nugget and enjoyed the whole Freemont Street experience and that vibe.  We only managed to get up to the strip one evening, for a show and only saw a little of it.

We’re away longer this time, and it’s just us…until the Con kicks off on the 4th, anyway. We’re hoping to see and do a bit more, but we’ll see. It’s about 30 degrees hotter there on any given day than it is here in Ohio…which is also unseasonably warm for June.

I know, I know. “It’s a dry heat” out there! I’ve heard it all before. 115+ degrees is still hot, folks!

Anyway, stay tuned here, on Twitter and on Facebook for tidbits from Las Vegas and from the Con, always a good time with other lesfic authors, readers and books…lots and lots of books! I’m on the indie author panel bright and early on Thursday morning, the 5th…no parties after the 4th of July fireworks for me! And I’m doing a reading from my work in progress, Finding Sheila, on Friday the 6th.

If you’re going out for the con, look for me (down low…I’m only 5′ tall), stop me and say hello. I love meeting my fellow authors and our loyal lesfic readers.