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Notes from Elizabeth Andre, Author of Lesbian Light Reads

My blog has been taken over today by my friend and fellow author, Elizabeth Andre. Elizabeth writes the popular story series, Lesbian Light Reads. I’ve enjoyed the individual stories for their sheer diversity of race and age…among other things. They’ve also been collected into the Light Reads sets. But, rather than me tell you about the stories, I’ll let her tell you about them, and about why she writes them. Having read through this, I found I learned a lot about Elizabeth Andre that I didn’t know.

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Now then, take it away, Ms. Andre!

Why Lesbian Light Reads?

My ‘Lesbian Light Reads‘ series has 12 volumes, and a thirteenth is due out soon. Anne asked me how I came to write them; where they came from. So, where did they come from?

I write the Lesbian Light Reads series because our lives are stressful enough. I want to write lush, low-drama love stories featuring diverse characters who always have happy endings and always enjoy good sex. We all deserve happy endings. We are all worthy of love and light. We all deserve good sex. I’ve been asked how I choose what story to tell. More often than not, the stories choose me.

Lesbian Light Reads Volumes 1-6:

Lesbian Light Reads Volumes 1-6 Boxed Set by Elizabeth Andre

The first volume, Love’s Perfect Vintage, tells the story of a suburban African-American woman who turns to her mother to find her a date. It was inspired by a real-life friend whose mother hooked her up with a friend’s daughter. You know, it’s the, “Your daughter’s a lesbian – mine is too! Let’s introduce them,” storyline.

Volume 2, Journey to Passion, was written by my good friend Jade Astor. Volume 3, Lesbian With Dog Seeks Same, was inspired by some dogs participating in a pet adoption event at a local hardware store. They were so cute! Bodies in Motion, Volume 4, was inspired by a conversation at a party with a friend who was looking for love. At the very least, she found love in this story. Up until this point, my stories had been interracial. This was my first all-black romance, and it was super fun to write.

Volume 5, Right Time For Love, features two 65-year-old women falling in love, and, yes, having sex. Reall, why should younger women have all the fun? I have very few characters who continue beyond their initial appearance, but I had a minor character in Lesbian With Dog Seeks Same who deserved her own romance.

Volume 6, Landing Love, was my first all-white romance. I’m a former figure skater, but I can’t skate anymore. Landing Love was my way of enjoying ice skating that winter. It brought back lots of wonderful memories. This story also includes my first transgender character. I had been challenged to write one and discovered that it wasn’t that hard. Transgender people are a part of my life, and they are a part of my writing.

Lesbian Light Reads Volumes 7-12:

Lesbian Light Reads Volumes 7-12 by Elizabeth AndreI’m a former newspaper reporter, and Volume 7, The Beauty Queen Called Twice, is a homage to my former profession. The 8th volume, Skating on Air, is a love letter to skateboarding, one of my other sports, and a love story between two very different women.

Volume 9, Someone Like Her, is another all-black romance, but this time the two women are from different classes. Volume 10, Roll With Me, is really a love story with myself. I’m a former runner turned wheelchair racer, and this story features, you guessed it, a runner and a wheelchair racer.

In Volume 11, Stop and Go, I feature my first bisexual character. Why? Because why not? Bisexuals are a part of my world. Volume 12, Nice Jewish Girls, was inspired by a reunion with someone I knew in grade school, but you need to read it to find out what happened.

So, where can you get Lesbian Light Reads by Elizabeth Andre?

All of Elizabeth Andre’s books are available at most major retailers. As it happens, the Lesbian Light Reads Volumes 7-12 Boxed Set is now on sale. Usually, $9.99, it is $.99 cents this week. This deal won’t last so get it while you can!

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