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Romance and Mystery eBook Giveaways

I just wanted to post a quick note today. There are a couple of eBook giveaways going on over at BookFunnel that you might be interested in. All the books are free…in exchange for your email address to the author. You can download as many as you like in your preferred format, to your favorite device.

The first of the two eBook Giveaways is ‘Amazing Romance‘. There are 67 books in all by nearly as many authors. They range from historical to contemporary, straight to lesbian (mine – Broken Women), and sweet to sexy. I don’t believe any M/M fiction is in this group, but I could be wrong. There seem to be plenty of stories about brides, billionaires, the mafia and so forth, though! And, there are plenty of bare-chested male covers to go around.

Amazing Romance eBook Giveaway

The other eBook giveaway is ‘Amazing Mysteries‘.  There are 15 books in the group including my cozy mystery, The Passed Prop. These are primarily mystery/suspense novels with a few cozies, a puzzler and a couple of mystery/thrillers in the mix. In other words, there’s something for every mystery reader’s tastes.

Amazing Mystery eBook Giveaway HeaderGet some free books and try out a few new to you authors. Come back and let me know what you picked up and how you liked it.