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E.A. Kafkalas Interviews Me on Goodreads

Hey all, I’m hard at work writing the third cozy mystery for the Morelville Cozies series, The Conjuring Comedienne, but I did take a few minutes out of my day the other day to have a Facetime chat with my fellow lesfic author, the multi-artistically talented, E.A. Kafkalas. Actually, we interviewed each other.

E.A. KafkalasE,A. (that’s her on the left) got the jump on me, so to speak, and posted her interview with me first. You can read it on her blog at Goodreads and maybe find out a few things about me that you don’t already know. You can cetainly find out why I write the books I write and just how I do it.

Enjoy the interview and look for the details I managed to pry out of E.A. when it was my turn to ask the questions. Watch for that here in the very near future. And please, give her books a look while you’re hanging out over at Goodreads too. She does lesfic (of course) but there’s romance, mystery, sci-fi and more…sometimes all rolled into one.

E.A.’s Interview of Anne Hagan

Check out E.A.’s website (and get her books!) here: E.A. Kafkalas

P.S.: Does anyone know what the logo on E.A.’s shirt means? She tells me she usually wears a Superman shirt or a Superman hoodie. Is this some sort of superhero symbology I know nothing about? If you know, please enlighten me…and don’t ell E.A. I asked. We wouldn’t want her thinking I know nothing about superheroes, now would we?