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Dana’s Dilemma is Now Available on Amazon

Dana's Dilemma Cover

The third book in the Morelville Mysteries series, Dana’s Dilemma, was released yesterday as an eBook for the Amazon Kindle and for Kindle Unlimited. It’s available to be read on all computers, tablets and smart phones that have the Kindle app/software. There are future plans to offer print copies of this book and the other Morelville Mysteries books.

This book was a joy to write as it’s just as much a romance as it is a mystery. Readers of the first two books in the series will see a deepening of the relationship between Mel and Dana and they’ll notice some more, ahem, graphic content in this book as well.

Here’s just a brief synopsis of what you can expect in Dana’s Dilemma:

Elections and Old Loves Combine with Deadly Results in the Newest Romantic Mystery Featuring Sheriff Mel Crane and Special Agent Dana Rossi!

*Someone is running for election

*Someone runs away

*Someone is Amish

*Someone is stalking

*Someone is murdered

*Someone is framed

There’s much, much more of course. You’ll just have to read the book to find out who is who and who does what to whom! No spoilers here!

Once you’ve read the story, I’d love your feedback and, as always, your reviews are much appreciated.