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Dana’s Dilemma Cover Correction – Lesbian Authors Guild

I had just started trolling Facebook on Monday (when I should have been writing) when up popped a post about a new website for authors in my genre, lesfic, and other lesbian authors. I clicked the link and went to check it out. The site is the Lesbian Authors Guild.

The site owners/operators of the Guild are, free of charge, offering authors the opportunity to have an individual profile page on the site with author provided links to their books. The site is certainly a work in progress but the opportunity to get in on the ground floor with lots of great authors that I’ve come to know over the last several months sounded like a great one. I took a few minutes to submit my info and then I got back to the business of writing.

Becky emailed me from the Guild a little while later to say that I’d been accepted and that my page had already been constructed. You can see it here: Anne Hagan. When she contacted me, she pointed out what she thought might be an error in the cover for Dana’s Dilemma: The Morelville Mysteries – Book 3 (to be released in April). Morelville was spelled ‘Moreville’ in the subtitle. I never caught it in the late evening back and forth with my amazing cover designer Shiralyn Lee. The error is totally not the fault of Shiralyn. She didn’t do the first two of my book covers so she could only go from the info I gave her and who knows what I gave her. I never thought to tell her about the subtitle until we were all but done with the cover late into the evening!

This new cover is a bit different from the previous one that you can still see if you scroll a little bit on my Facebook fan page. The font sizes have changed for one thing. Also, we had a certain discussion in our original exchanges about Dana and her physical condition in the book and so the original cover only showed Dana from the waist up. This cover, which Shiralyn remade from scratch, adds a little bit of ass to the equation and it’s such a striking difference that I’ve decided to go with it. I’ll just write around the physical problem to keep what really is a better cover. Actually, my planned work around makes for a better story so it all works out in the end!

Here’s the new cover…see what you think:

Dana's Dilemma Cover

Finally, if you’re a writer of lesfic or if you’re a lesbian author working in any other genre, check out the Guild and give Becky a shout.