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Cover Reveal for Book 5 – Viva Mama Rossi!

I’m hard at work on book five in the Morelville Mystery Series, ‘Viva Mama Rossi!‘ right now. I’m hoping for a mid to late August publication date, fingers crossed. This one features two separate mysteries going on in separate locals that may eventually intertwine…or not. That’s a secret!  Dana’s mama, Chloe Rossi gets a little star treatment this time around as well. It’s been fun writing it, that’s for sure.

My  graphic artist wannabe family member wasn’t able to work on a ‘Viva’ cover for me due to other commitments. I commissioned a cover design instead and here’s what I got:

Viva Mama Rossi! Book Cover


Odd? Possibly. Do I love it myself? Yes, absolutely! It’s very representative of the story. Of course, you don’t know the story but you will and you’ll probably agree once you do. One thing will change on it…somehow I have to get my designer to work the trademark morel mushroom into it…