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Cover Poll: Hannah’s Hope

A quick cover poll for the upcoming 8th book in the Morelville Mysteries series, Hannah’s Hope:

Do you prefer cover A:

Hannah's Hope Cover A


Or, do you prefer cover B:

Hannahs Hope Cover B

One cover (not saying which is which) was done by a cover artist on Fiverr for $5.00 US. The other cover is from a pre-made cover site with the book title added for more money but not too much. I just can’t afford to pay $150 or more for book covers right now!

Neither cover above is at all representative of the story (due out in early June) other than the fact that there are two young women prominently featured in the plot. So, you could say, one or the other of them is depicted on the cover.

Which do you prefer for a mystery with a twisting plot, where all isn’t as it seems, with a little bit of romance in the mix?

Please tell me in the comments and don’t hold back. I have one reader’s opinion. I’d love to have yours.