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Content Disclaimer – Yes or No?

I’ll be releasing my third book in the Morelville Mysteries Series, ‘Dana’s Dilemma‘ by the end of this month. It’s almost ready. This book, like the two before it, stands alone as a story but, if you’ve read the first two, you’ll notice a deepening of the relationship between my two leading ladies, Mel and Dana.

Unlike in the first two books, ‘Relic’ and ‘Busy Bees’, this installment contains a couple of episodes of fully described sex between the two women. A bit of erotica mixed into the story is something many readers have been pointed about asking for. It seems to be expected in lesbian fiction especially where there is a blossoming romantic relationship, no matter what the overall genre of the story is. In fact, I’ve been having quite a back and forth in a lesbian themed Goodreads group about it with the moderator, Megan, and an as yet unpublished writer who’s about to publish her first work (I’m not sure if she’ll be using a pen name or not so I won’t name her here). Maybe at some point, we will consider the gay man romance avenue. I imagine we will have to do some research on the finer points of male gay sex which I am sure we can learn more at places like fucked gay (more of their stuff at Having the right source material can help create some extremely erotic scenes. I’m sure the book we have just finished will also provide useful reference points as well.

Since this latest book contains full erotic scenes, where the first two had only fade to black scenes, I’m left with a bit of a puzzle as I write my book description. Do I put a disclaimer in the description alluding to the erotica since my former readers won’t be expecting it or do I not put one in and risk offending people like those former readers and the few mainstream readers that I do get? I’d love to hear from anyone either here, in answer to this question – or privately if you prefer – that has faced this issue.

Thanks in advance for the assist!