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Coming Soon in the Morelville Mysteries Series:

The Turkey Tussle – Book 9 – Just Released March 10th, 2017!

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The Turkey Tussle Book Cover

The old-fashioned country village of Morelville Holds a secret.

Faye Crane has the perfect life as a homemaker, farmer’s wife and grandmother…or she did until her daughter-in-law Dana went and stirred up a mysterious murder, never resolved and long buried in the Lafferty family lore – before Faye ever became a Crane. Now she’s been reminded of some startling questions about her families past that she’s not sure she wants to know the answers to.

Dana knows to tread lightly around Faye. Their relationship is far from perfect but she just can’t help herself; she’s certainly intrigued by the unsolved case. The down to earth, gentle residents of the village are more than happy to fill her in on all of the old gossip too. She even gets an education in oil drilling and backroom poker along her way to trying to clear the Lafferty family name and bring some closure to her mother-in-law. The question is, can she figure it all out and, if she does, will the Lafferty’s and the Crane’s be better off or far worse?

Romance Novels Coming Soon:

Healing Embrace (the follow-up story to Broken Women)Just Released April 9th, 2017!

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Healing Embrace Cover

Barb and Janet were a couple…and then they weren’t. What now?

 They started a tentative relationship that led to sex a little too soon. Both shied away but their friends knew the two women belonged together. They conspired to put them together in a neutral place where they could talk it out and it worked.

They talked then they started slow, actually dating the second time around…but now what? They’ve both been shattered by love lost. They’re both wary of getting deeply involved again. It doesn’t help matters any when Barb’s focus gets drawn away from her own happiness to tend to the needs of others.

Janet tries to be understanding of Barb’s need to be there for her family. She knows she loves the fiercely independent blonde but she’s not so sure they belong together in a committed, long-term sort of way, especially when her attempts to lend a hand from time to time seem to bring out more ire than gratefulness.

Barb’s dad and his health problems have her feeling years older than she already is. When she looks at the only slightly younger Janet, she sees the exuberance and inexperience of youth. She loves the curvy cop with her heart on her sleeve but she’s afraid the younger woman too often leaps before she considers all of the consequences.

What will it take to convince the two women that their personalities complement each other and that they’re a good match?

Introducing, a New Short Story Lesfic Romance Series:

Loving Blue in Red States – Look for these living and loving short stories weekly beginning in mid-April 2017 with Sweetwater Texas, pictured below:

LBRS Series Book Cover - Texas