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Coming Soon: The Passed Prop

Now that the fifth book in my Morelville Mysteries series is out, I’m turning my attention to my spin off series, The Morelville Cozies. The cozy books will feature the mothers of the first series leads Mel Crane and Dana (Rossi) Crane in adventures of their own. Chloe Rossi got equal billing with Mel in the fifth Morelville Mystery, Viva Mama Rossi! and Faye was her more than able sidekick. With the cozy series, Sheriff Mel, her job and her relationship with Dana fade into the background as the moms take center stage. Oh, both of the other ladies will be present – how could they not be – but they’ll have other things to do.

These are cozies so no blood and guts…not that there was a whole lot of that in the other books; there was a little. There won’t be any lesbian sex either so if I lose a little of my loyal lesbian audience with these releases, I understand. Please know though that you’re not being abandoned; rest assured F/F fans, The Morelville Mysteries series will be back too featuring Sheriff Mel and her wife Dana. Their lives might become a little more normal now that they’re married…or they might not…

The first book in the cozy series ‘should be’ published by mid-October. It’s titled The Passed Prop and, as expected by anyone that knows me, it will have a Halloween theme. Here’s the tentative cover:

Passed Prop Cover

Pretty bright, eh? I kind of like it. I wouldn’t wear that color but, for a book cover, it’s growing on me. I’d be interested to know what you think of it so fire away!

If this book is going to be out before Halloween – otherwise, what’s the point? – then I’ve got to get it finished. Bye for now!