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Build Your Own Haunted House

My spouse is really into Halloween. She’s so into it, she used to act at a haunted house that was out in the middle of nowhere, 40 minutes from anything, every year. She’s so into it, this past October, she talked me into turning the entire first level of our home, our deck and most of our yard into a haunted attraction for the benefit of our friends and neighbors. For six weeks, I had no living room. For a month, I had no space to sit downstairs at all unless I sat in the kitchen on a hard chair or on the ‘throne’ in the bathroom. Well…I guess the deck was an option too but there’s no accounting for weather and, for almost all of that time the view from it was blocked by the maze that had to be constructed and roofed before the torrential rains of early October hit. That rendered the deck almost entirely useless!

A couple of years ago, because we’d set up a haunted trail at her parents old family farm and I found the process interesting, I created a couple of Squidoo lenses about building haunted mazes and haunted trails. Those were very popular on Squidoo and they were even more popular this past Halloween on HubPages after they were transitioned from Squidoo. The funny thing is that, because I had so little time to write during the construction of the haunted house, I only threw a couple of new photos – of very early stages construction of the deck maze – up on one of the hubs and I did nothing with the other. If you feel like checking either one out, you can see them here: Haunted Maze & Haunted Trail

The haunted house in our house was fun but exhausting. We took donations and gave all the money back to a community cause. We’d love to do it all again – and my spouse would love to do it all for profit, as a business – but we just can’t justify doing it in our home again. There are too many concerns with that and too many limitations. We were actually looking for a place that would be viable commercially as a haunted house but we were running into walls and despairing of finding anything for 2015.

Tonight, we have a community meeting in my local community about acquiring a local school building for community use. It was closed as a school a couple or three years ago but the building is in great shape for it’s age (1950s to early 1970s construction areas). If the community agrees to acquire it and enough people volunteer funding to pay its operating costs until it can pay it’s own way as a community center with space for lease, we’ll have more space than we ever dreamed of to have our haunted house. We’ll be able to lease off of the community thus helping the community and provide seasonal jobs for a couple of dozen people or more. Other businesses and community organizations in theĀ area will be able to provide food and services during the times we’re open which helps them as well. It’s a win for everyone but those who, for whatever reason, despise Halloween. Regardless, we have a lot of support and we’re very excited.

I take writing very seriously. I’m about to start taking haunting very seriously. I see a future of haunted writing coming from this site as we make progress on a brand new, from scratch, haunted house build. If Halloween and haunting are your things, stay tuned!