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Welcome Bookbub Buyers of Broken Women

Welcome Bookbub buyers of Broken Women! Thank you very much for purchasing the book. Thank you also for visiting my home on the web. It’s a pleasure to have you here.

Just a little background on me…

I started writing with mysteries. My ten-book series – and counting – The Morelville Mysteries, is a lesfic themed mystery/romance series that actually gave birth to a cozy mystery series spin-off and also to the book you just bought. The book stands entirely alone from the series, but characters in it are right out of Morelville…in a roundabout sort of way. Some of my readers were asking for a little more and many asked me to try my hand at romance. Broken Women was the result.

Frankly, readers love to take me to task, and I have to admit, I love hearing what they have to say. Broken Women ends happily but it’s a ‘happy for now’ sort of ending. Again, lesfic romance lovers clamored for more. I released a follow-up to it, Healing Embrace, in 2017. Both books stand alone but I certainly recommend reading Broken Women first and then Healing Embrace, if you want the full story.

Of course, some readers were still not satisfied. As a reader myself, I ask, are we ever? To appease everyone and for my own sense of closure, there will be one more book featuring those particular leading ladies released late this year. The title is to be determined. Maybe we’ll have ourselves a contest to name the book.

Now, since I’m being so honest here, I have to tell you that romance is not easy for me to write. I grew up reading mysteries. It was a natural progression to writing those when I first took up with an idea for a book and a keyboard. I read some romance as a teenager and into my early adult years, but what I read didn’t really reflect the things I felt. I’m sure many of you can identify with that.

I discovered lesfic romance through fan fiction, like so many of us did. It’s only been the last couple of years that I’ve been reading novels and novellas that tell stories I can relate to. Writing those isn’t quite the natural fit that mysteries are. I struggled to make sure those two novels were the best I could make them. Not willing to give up, last year, I wrote five short stories based on lesbian romantic themes, the ‘Loving Blue in Red States’ series. They’re out as individual stories and as a compilation of the five. They were fun to write, they sharpened my skills a little and they got the juices flowing to try some different things when it comes to romance.

Christmas Cakes and KissesAt Christmas time, I released a sweet, new adult romance, Christmas Cakes and Kisses. Christmas Cakes, as I call it, doesn’t contain any sex. It’s just a feel good, finding something you might not have known was missing, kind of story. And, yes, one of the leads is right out of Morelville. Oh, I can write stuff that doesn’t start or end there, if that’s what you’re thinking. None of the ‘Loving Blue in Red States’ stories even takes place in Ohio…yet. Ohio is a purple state. I’ve planned some more of those for this year. I’ll probably be doing them for as long as we have red states.

Again, many thanks for purchasing Broken Women today and happy reading!

Questions? Hit me up via the contact link above. I LOVE hearing from readers.