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This was a nice collection of short stories. I liked reading about the different women in the different red states.


A collection of five lesbian romantic short stories by the author of Broken Women and Healing Embrace, mostly sweet with a little spice. You get:

Loving Blue in Red States: Sweetwater Texas

Cass Prater is a brash cowgirl who lives life out loud, wherever she lives. She clashes with Emmie Warren the minute they meet. It’s a battle of wills from there, on. Cass is determined to show Emmie she can have it all: her family, a mate and a job that she loves, right there, in the heart of Texas.

Loving Blue in Red States: Birmingham Alabama

Isabella is young, in love and she thinks she has it all.

Aslyn makes no apologies for being black, out and proud. Women’s rights are her passion. She sees Birmingham as a city on the brink of an all new civil rights movements and she wants to be right in the middle of it all. Her family disagrees with that, with her sexual preference and especially with her choice of a girlfriend.

Will a riot ruin it all for the two young lovers?

Loving Blue in Red States: Jackson Hole Wyoming

Liz Ventura is a semi-retired saddle and tack shop owner who just wants to get out of the house, out among people. Friends in community theater convince her to try out for a part in the summer long Jackson Hole Shootout show and she makes the cut. Jessica ‘Jess’ Davenport is a six-year veteran of the show. It’s been the only steady thing in her life for most of those years as she struggled with loss and the effects of addiction. Sparks fly between the two. Both women are living in the past. Can a Shootout show help them find a future together?

Loving Blue in Red States: Perryville Missouri

What happens in a cave…

Bethany French is a geologist who loves her job. She gets to explore caves and landforms for a living. The only thing missing from her life is a partner to share it all with. Renn Sowell has two doctorates; a formal one in ceramic engineering and one in cover and concealment earned over years of keeping secrets from her ultra-conservative, white nationalist father. She can’t keep a girlfriend in her life for long because she doesn’t dare do anything to upset the delicate balance she works to maintain. The two women keep meeting in unlikely circumstances. They feel they couldn’t be more different. Will they find common ground in the light of day?

Loving Blue in Red States: Salt Lake City Utah

The banker and the barista…

Amanda and Rebecca were both raised in the male-centric Mormon church. Rebecca broke free. Amanda wants to, but her job is holding her back. What will it take for her to break free herself and find true love?

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