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Excellent short story with a good understanding of the area and the reason there are so many LDS Seekers looking for acceptance because they are gay.


The banker and the barista…

Amanda Allred’s getting tired of being in the closet for her dull, boring banking job. She’s frustrated with the whole boys’ club atmosphere there and the ‘good ol’ boy’ mentality that goes along with it. Salt Lake is thriving culturally and she wants to be a part of it all; openly and freely in the Utah she’s always loved. But, banking pays the bills and then some. She fears there are just not a lot of opportunities out there professionally for a woman in such a male centric, Mormon culture.

Rebecca Musser is finally living the life she once only dared to dream she could when she was stuck in Provo under her father’s thumb and the watchful eyes of her mother. The manager of the gay coffee shop who took a chance on her and gave her a job has taken her under his wing. She doesn’t have a lot but she has enough, she has friends and she’s finally happy. There will be no marriage arranged for her by her father; no thank you!

When Amanda, a total stranger, steps in and defends Rebecca to her mother one day, the two women feel the instant spark of attraction. Rebecca’s interested. So is Amanda.

Can Amanda step out of her bubble, go against the church and the old boy network, and take a chance on finally finding love?

Salt Lake City is the fifth short story in the Loving Blue in Red States series by Anne Hagan.

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