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I really enjoyed this short story as it dealt with grown-up feelings and grown-up women. Liz and Jess don't get off to the best start with each other but there is a need in both of them and it was sensitively and beautifully dealt with. Anne Hagan knows how to write real women so well and manages to pull the reader into her stories and make them care for the characters.

Kitty Kat

A long-running wild west show brings two women with rocky histories together in an all-out, shootout.

Liz Ventura is a semi-retired saddle and tack shop owner who just wants to get out of the house, out among people. Friends in community theater convince her to try out for a part in the summer-long Jackson Hole Shootout show and she makes the cut. She was even willing to play understudy to the show’s female lead. After all, she thinks, Trudy had been playing the role forever and relished it. What could possibly go wrong?

Jessica ‘Jess’ Davenport is a six-year veteran of the show. It’s been the only steady thing in her life for most of those years as she struggled with loss and the effects of addiction. She’s incensed when she finds out the director just handed Trudy’s role to a newcomer to the show; incensed that she wasn’t even considered. When she confronts Liz, sparks fly.

Both women are living in the past. Can a Shootout show help them find a future together?

Jackson Hole Wyoming is the third short story in the Loving Blue in Red States series by Anne Hagan. 

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