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This story pierced my heart because Aslyn got a raw deal with her family because she's a lesbian and her family doesn't approve of her dating Izzy because she is biracial and she is not a man. I was happy that both Izzy and Aslyn found their rainbow at the end of all their struggles.


What’s out there for a young, bi-racial, lesbian woman in Birmingham, Alabama, the cradle of the Civil Rights Movement?

Isabella is young, in love and she thinks she has it all. As a mechanic trained in high school, where being a female in the classroom was accepted, to doing the same job in the Air National Guard where it is too and getting her tuition to aviation tech school paid for by the Guard, she’ s got it made…or does she? She figures she’s well on her way to working on jets like she’s always wanted to and living the life she’s dreamed of. Her boss in her day job at the Air Base sees things a little differently, however, and he’s just waiting for her to screw up.

Aslyn makes no apologies for being black, out and proud. Nursing is her chosen vocation but women’s rights are her passion. She sees Birmingham as a city on the brink of an all new civil rights movements and she wants to be right in the middle of it all. Her family disagrees with that, with her sexual preference and especially with her choice of a girlfriend.

Will a riot ruin it all for the two young lovers?

”That’s not what Birmingham stands for.” ~ Sondra Williams

Birmingham Alabama is the second short story in the Loving Blue in Red States series by Anne Hagan.

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