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Loving Blue in Red States: East Tennessee

Sparks fly when storytelling and drag racing collide off the track. 

East Tennessee is a tranquil place of mountain vistas most of the time. It’s a place where storytellers abound, and people travel from all over the world to the annual Storytelling Festival in Jonesborough. The calm of the area is broken only occasionally when the racetracks in Bristol rev to life.

Grace loves her job as one of the directors of the International Storytelling Center. She’s found her calling. She’s anxious to continue pursuing both her education in the arts and her writing.

Her plans for her future set, Grace finds herself talked into taking on a project for Literacy Tennessee that she has little time for but a whole lot of passion. The project tugging at her heartstrings comes with other strings she’s not sure how to handle, like her old high school crush Samantha who’s now living life as Sam, a non-binary drag racer with almost as many plot twists to his story as he has runs down the dragstrip in Bristol.

Will Grace stick to her carefully laid out plot for her life, or will she let Sam throw a wrench into the works?

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