Broken Women

Broken Women CoverCan two women, unlucky in love, find solace in each other?

Where do you go when you lose everything? Who do you turn to next when nobody seems to want you for more than a causal fling?

When death unexpectedly takes the love of your life, the best you can do is to try to cope and to hold on to the good memories. When your beloved’s family takes everything else you have, hope is all that’s left…if you can hang on to that.

You’ve been smitten more than once. You’ve even been in love a time or two. The trouble is, your feelings are always only yours. Cupid’s arrow always fails to land.

Can two love weary people, from different worlds, find strength together? Can they find more and even a happily ever after?

Fans of the Morelville Mysteries mystery/romance series may recognize these two characters, who played supporting roles in those books but as a novel, Broken Women stands alone.

This was first released April 21st, 2016 exclusively to Amazon for 90 days. It’s still available there for the Kindle and in paperback but it’s also now widely available from most major internet retailers. 

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