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Book 6, ‘A Crane Christmas’ Is Released

It’s been a little longer coming than planned but at least, this time around, a book release happened before the holiday the story centers around. I’d like to introduce Book 6 in The Morelville Mysteries series, the mystery with a touch of romance, ‘A Crane Christmas‘.
A Crane Christmas Cover

Here’s the synopis:

Is it the Christmas season or the ‘silly season’?

All Sheriff Mel wants to do is close out the year and spend a joyful first Christmas with Dana and with their extended families. She’s even hired a new detective, Janet Mason, to ease some of the workload for her and her only other detective, Shane Harding. Things were shaping up great for her and Dana for a relaxing holiday season. Too bad it just wasn’t meant to be…

The local criminals want it all too and a string of burglaries in high class county enclaves have Mel and both of her detectives stymied. Throw in a bunch of disappearing dogs, some designer sheep, a lonely woman and an unsolved murder case, and the good guys are at their wits end. Meanwhile, back in tiny little Morelville, things aren’t much better; the village is buzzing over Dana’s family taking over the store but Dana herself isn’t so sure that’s a good thing.

Can Mel and her team resolve everything before Christmas dinner comes out of the oven? Will Janet Mason fit in at all? Will Dana find a balance between work and family that works for her in time to enjoy her first Christmas with Mel?

Please note: This is a stand alone mystery story but, as most readers of the series will tell you, it’s more fun for everyone when you start with book one and read them in order.

This book is available exclusively at Amazon for purchase or to borrow through Amazon Prime and through Kindle Unlimited.

Thanks for reading! Enjoy and Merry Christmas!