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Back from Vacation – Back to Writing

Mom and dad’s 50th anniversary trip was a success. We all had our troubles and trip ups getting to Vegas on Sunday and/or getting the accommodations we thought we were but by Monday morning, their anniversary, we were all sitting around the breakfast table laughing and talking and planning the next few days ahead of us. I wanted to make sure that I was in the Las Vegas spirit, so on our trip over, I decided to listen to a podcast similar to Talk About Las Vegas and it made me even more excited than what I already was. And as it was for my parent’s 50th anniversary, it made the trip even more exciting.

Mom and Dad at Hoover Dam 031516Here’s the happy couple at an Arizona side overlook of Hoover Dam at 50 years and 1 day married. Aren’t they cute? They’ve been through a lot in 50 years but they’ve hung in there.

Mom has knee problems and she had heart surgery two weeks before this shot. She actually spent most of our vacation riding a cart we rented because, even though the walking was good for her, there was so much of it (1/4 mile between her room and the edge of the casino floor or the front desk, not including time in the elevator) and, between the knees and the heart, she tired pretty easily. At least she could sit down all day when she was at the casino! Both of my parents had a great time in Vegas, my mom in particular. When we booked the trip, she started playing on online slot machines games (you can find the website here) and she was actually a pretty decent player because she had practiced so much. She won a lot of money which helped pay for meals etc, during the trip. As I said, we didn’t venture out very far and if we did, we took a taxi due to her knees.

My brothers both made the trip too. It was nice to have them along. My son, my folks only grandchild, and his wife couldn’t go with us due to work and school commitments but they were never far from our thoughts.

Here’s the ‘family’ shot below minus the lone grandchild:

HD Family

HD UsYes, I’m short like my mom. My brothers are both taller but I’m the oldest so I rule…BWAA HA HA HA HA! Actually the Hoover Dam / Grand Canyon side trip was my idea and it turned out to be the highlight of the trip for all of us. Anybody who’s getting an RV Rental Las Vegas should definitely consider making the drive out there to see it for themselves! We had an amazing day as a family along with my own spouse and one brother’s girlfriend. To the right is the obligatory me and the spouse picture. Yes, she’s also considerably taller than me but, yes, I rule the roost at home too…She’ll dispute it but she won’t win.

Right now, we’re both in weight loss mode. I’m down nearly 20 lbs and she’s down more than 30. Going to Vegas did nothing to slow our loss. We tried hard to watch what we ate out there, we didn’t partake at all of the free flow of booze and we walked A LOT. We might not have come home much lighter but we certainly didn’t return heavier either.

This shot was taken at the show we went to at the Excalibur on the Strip on our last night there. My family flew out that night but we didn’t have to leave until the next morning so we took in a show…

Us at the Dinner Theater

That one was one of four professional shots done that evening. All of my own pics and many taken by my brother’s girlfriend are on my personal Facebook Page and on my ‘Anne Hagan’ Author Facebook page if you’re interested. The four above are obvious favorites for me but I’ll leave you with a few more at the end of this post.

Now? It’s back to writing after more than a week’s break. I feel refreshed and ready to go. I’ll be wrapping up the romance, ‘Broken Women‘ soon and sending it off to the proofreader. I still have advance reading copies of that available for anyone that’s willing to post an honest review on Amazon . com (US). Those will be out in early to mid-April in softcover or in PDF format as Advanced Review/Reader Copies (ARC). If you can read it and get it reviewed before the release of the eBook version in late April, please let me know. I’d be happy to send you a copy.

Once ‘Broken Women‘ has moved along in the process, I’ll begin work on the next novel in the Morelville Mysteries series, Book 8, ‘Hannah’s Hope‘. Watch for that in late May or early June.

Now, here are those pics I promised…amazing stuff! We have a Native American family of dancers and/or drummers who appeared at Grand Canyon West the day we were there after driving several hours to get there themselves. The little girl is four and a good dancer in her own right. Next is a view of the Canyon with the Colorado River cutting through from the collection building on Guano Point. You can’t imagine the vastness of the Canyon until you see it for yourself. Pictures don’t do it justice. That one doesn’t even come close but I worked hard to get out there and get that shot. It was a long, rocky walk. Third is a view of the marina on Lake Meade – the body of water that supplies Las Vegas. It’s very low and the downstream pictures from Hoover Dam (picture 4) bear that out. All the light colored rock you see in the last photo of the Colorado taken from a Hoover Dam overlook represents where the water level used to be, not so very long ago.

Native American Dancers and Drummers
Grand Canyon West LM2 HD13 Colorado River