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Are You Using RetailMeNot?

Can I just say that I love RetailMeNot, the ‘coupon’ website? If you shop online – for anything – and you don’t use it but you like saving money, you’re missing out. No, this isn’t a commercial for them, I’m just a satisfied customer…and I don’t even have an account with them! I just check the site before I make a purchase and they seem to be able to save me money every single time.

Two recent examples:

  1. Tax Software – I do our taxes for us, for my author business and for our haunted house business. Tax software is expensive, especially for more than the basic version. To buy H&R Block’s software – what I normally use – Block offered an early bird special back in December that made it 30% off. RetailMeNot got me another $15.00 off of that.
  2. Dragon NaturallySpeaking PremiumVoice Recognition Software – Due to factors beyond my ability to control, it’s getting harder and harder to find the time to sit down and type yet, I’ve set a very aggressive publishing schedule for myself for this year. I’m already falling behind. The version of Dragon NaturallySpeaking I have works great but it can’t transcribe from a recording. The version I need now (pictured) that can transcribe from recordings I make retails for $149.99 US. You can get it on sale lots of places, including from Nuance (the manufacturer) for $99.00. eBay sellers have it unopened but in damaged boxes for $50-75. Using RetailMeNot, I got it from a very reputable online retailer for $39.99 delivered to me! That’s $110 below full retail and $59.01 below just about everyone else online aside from eBay sellers.

You don’t have to sign up to get the RetailMeNot newsletter. You can just use the site to save some money and go on your merry way. If you shop a lot online, sign up. I hear they offer lots of deals to more committed customers than me. Personally, I don’t need the temptation to be shopping because I should be writing but that’s my thing. They do, by the way, offer coupon codes for bookstores…