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About 3 Covers…

The vote was close all weekend with a handful of you weighing in here, several more on Facebook and, of course, family but, in the end, cover B, edged out cover A by 2.5 votes (some people couldn’t make up their minds so I gave each cover a half vote).

Here’s your winner:

Hannahs Hope Cover B This cover was professionally designed by and purchased from The Book Cover Machine, one of several sites I checked out for a cover when I wasn’t quite happy with the Fiverr efforts I initially received. The other cover was a Fiverr designer original. There wasn’t anything specifically wrong with it; it just didn’t speak to me the way this one does. The gray, mysterious look of it appealed to some readers but others found it bland.

For those of you that liked that cover better than this one, please take solace in the fact that it’s the one my wife liked better too but, she couldn’t exactly tell me why, just that she did.

In other news, I have a few covers that were done by a family member in the past and a couple of those were in need of just a slight makeover. One, the cover for the 6th book in the Morelville Mysteries series, A Crane Christmas, was a cover I was mostly happy with other than the font used for the title. It was hard to read on websites when it was only thumbnail sized. Here’s the new look:

A Crane Christmas Cover

And the old:

A Crane Christmas Book Cover

So, not a huge change but far more readable at a glance and a bit more professional. It’s already live on Amazon.

The Passed Prop 2The other book cover that got a makeover was my cozy mystery, the first in the Morelville Cozies spin off series, The Passed Prop. I’m planning to continue that series and, I want it to have continuity cover to cover. The cover it had, while an eye-catching, nearly blinding shade of green was cool, but this one, with the green adjusted a smidge, looks more professional now too and the framing that was added can be used on the covers for the next few books in the series to tie them all together.

I like the font here better too. We used the same one that he originally used, ‘Creepster’ (it’s a story that starts with Halloween) but we capitalized it and enlarged it significantly and the difference is amazing.

Here’s the old cover for comparison. The Passed Prop Book CoverReally a big difference in this case, I think.

This new one isn’t live on Amazon yet but it should be in a few days. By the way, if you’ve read this book, it STILL has zero reviews on Amazon US. I’d love it if you’d go out and give it an honest review, even if you hated it! 

That’s all for now. I’d love to hear what you think about the covers and about anything else you want to chat about and, if you can review The Passed Prop, that would be amazing.