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A Writer but Not an Artist

I’m artistically and musically challenged. A high school teacher made my day – my year even – when she pronounced in front of the entire class, “Here’s another one that can write,” as she was handing back a graded fiction writing assignment. I never got any such sort of praise from an art teacher or a music teacher. In fact, I was lucky to complete assignments and get decent grades in those classes.

While I was writing my first book, I read a whole lot of books about self publishing and about marketing your own work. When it came to the book itself, in both the publishing manuals and the marketing manuals, everyone had one thing to say that was the same and that never wavered: a good cover sells books and that the cover should be professionally designed.

I know there are other indie authors out there reading this. I don’t know about you but, in my personal case, I bootstrapped my first book. I didn’t have a few hundred dollars – or more – to spend on a cover. Hell, I didn’t have twenty dollars to spend. As you can see, I’m currently writing via a free WordPress blog because I don’t have the funds right now to spring for hosting. Yes, the book is selling, but there’s been no check yet!

I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I do not have what it takes to design a nice cover for a work of fiction that will have broad appeal to readers. I probably don’t have what it takes to pull off a decent cover for a work of non-fiction. Since I don’t have that sort of talent and since I also lacked cash, I did the best thing that I could do; I found a designer on Fiverr that designed the sort of covers I liked and I hired him. His simple design has helped me to sell several hundred¬†books in the 5-6 weeks that ‘Relic’ has been on the market. I’ve been so pleased that I just commissioned him to design the cover for Book 2, ‘Busy Bees’. Why not stick to what’s already working?

While I was in the mood to hire people to do inexpensive creative, I also hired a designer to do a banner for me for this blog. I’m kind of tired of the generic one that WordPress (graciously) supplies. I like what I’ve seen of his work and, frankly, anything he produces will be better than the generic stuff available to everyone.

If you need a designer for a cover, check out If you like animated designs, you can beat those done by the gig provider there, madhavkmcy, with this gig:¬† For five bucks, how can you really lose? And, by the way, I earn no commission at all from giving him this shout out. I could have given a referral link there, but I didn’t.