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A Gift Because I Was Tired

It was a very long weekend…very long and tiring. We’re near completion on our haunted house and that’s a good thing because we open in less than two weeks (October 1st).

Because I worked a lot of extra hours last week at my day job to help and compensate for a loss due to a retirement and because we put in long hours over the weekend, I entered Monday morning exhausted and rushing to do things I would normally do over the weekend or first thing on Monday. One of those things is to upload the next episode of my cozy mystery serial Opera House Ops for a Friday release.

op-ops-e6I got Episode 6 – Divided of the cozy mystery serial uploaded just fine. In my zombie-like state though, I forgot to set it as a pre-release item. Once Amazon approved it a few hours later, it went live. So, Episode 6 is up a few days early. Enjoy¬†Episode 5 – that was just released on Friday on the normal schedule – and then Episode 6 now. Look for Episode 7 to be out when it’s supposed to be on Friday, September 30th.