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5 Things You Didn’t Know About The Morelville Mysteries

1. Zanesville, Ohio and Muskingum County are used a lot in the stories. Both are very real. Morelville doesn’t exist – it’s a figment of my imagination. I set it down in Muskingum County because it worked there and it made sense to have Mel, as the county Sheriff work out of the County Seat, Zanesville. What you didn’t know is that Morelville is based on the very real, teeny, tiny unincorporated village that I actually live in. Some stuff you just don’t have to make up!

2. The Dana Rossi character is me – if I was 6 inches taller, several years younger and had done what I originally intended to do with my life. I’ve been in the military, I work for the government but I’m not a Customs Agent. I always wanted to be an investigator though…or a writer. Now I’m a writer who writes about investigators. It’s certainly less dangerous this way!

3. The Mel Crane character is my spouse – if she were a cop. Everything about her screams my wife. Her language, her mannerisms, Everything.  Well, okay, not one thing. My wife has zero patience. Mel has all the patience in the world. I guess I wrote in a character trait there that I wish a certain someone had, ahem…

4. Faye and Jesse Crane, parents to Mel (Melissa) and her twin sister Kris (Karissa) are my spouses parents and they have their life. We lost my spouses dad unexpectedly about four years ago but everything about Jesse Crane is him other than that he would talk a bit more than Jesse does. I don’t feature Faye and Jesse in the third book, Dana’s Dilemma which is still in process but they’ll be reappearing in Book four which is unnamed at this time. Incidentally, my spouse really does have a twin sister but the Kris of this book series only slightly resembles her. I gave her some of the same traits and background and some that were different so I could exploit the different ones later. Stay tuned!

5. My villains in all three books are based on real people from in and around this little town that I live in that Morelville is based on or they’re based on someone in my past life. When I say based on in this case, I mean from an appearance, mannerisms and attitude perspective and, in some cases, just a little background that gives them their back story. That in no way means that any of the things the bad guys do in my books was ever done by anyone I’ve used as a character model – far from it. The character model for ‘Relic’, for example is actually a friend whose background was perfect for the story. Like I said, sometimes you just can’t make stuff up that’s as good as what real life presents you with.