The Top 153 Lesfic Writers Alive (and Still Writing) Today

Lesbian fiction, AKA lesfic, is growing. There are more authors out there writing romances and genre fiction like mystery, fantasy and sci-fi for lesbian women and other open minded readers than even just a year ago. Most are women, a few of the well known ones are men and one or two of the better known/more prolific ones are men who pose as women.

When I started an LGBT book review blog about seven years or so ago, new lesfic in print was hard to find. There were Ellen Hart’s cozy style mysteries from her Jane Lawless series, romances by a handful of authors like Karin Kallmaker and Radclyffe, some standalone novels sprinkled out there here and there, and an assortment of writers like Mavis Applewater and Kim Baldwin who wrote original fan fiction aside from the Xena-verse for online sites who occasionally had a story picked up somewhere for a print publication. Baldwin’s first published novel, Hunter’s Pursuit, was the first lesfic novel I ever purchased (and one of the first I reviewed for my blog when I eventually started it). I remember her excitement at getting it published and all the hoops she had to jump through to make it happen.

By the time I folded the blog three years later, I’d reviewed several dozen books by men, about men, another few dozen by women, about men, scanned through a lot of erotica  and pulp aimed at straight men that was passed off as lesfic and only a couple of dozen actual lesfic works. Oh, I tried but, other than what I mentioned above and other than the classics we all know and love and a handful of books with implied lesbian characters or closeted ones, there just wasn’t much out there.

The internet, the rise of small presses that focus on lesbian works and the advent of self-publishing have changed all of that. ‘Our’ books are everywhere now. What a difference a few years – or a half dozen – make! Now, it shocks me every time I read a post somewhere by a woman lamenting that she didn’t even know lesfic existed until that moment in time and I cringe along with readers who say there are so many books they want to devour, they’re getting themselves in trouble with their spouses and partners for how much they’re spending buying and reading books for us, by us. I’ve been there…still am. My writing earnings fuel my own reading habit.

I thought it would be ‘fun’ to create a list of the top 50 living, writing authors of lesfic and share it. As I began to unearth names for the list – starting with the authors of titles I personally own in paperback or eBook form – it became apparent that there were far more than 50 I wanted to include…and far more than 100. The list crossed 100 active authors quickly and kept growing. There are many, many more women (mostly) writing books for us, of course, but here, for the first time anywhere that I could find, is a comprehensive list to track over 150 of them down via their personal websites or, failing that (especially for the Yiva and Bella published authors) via Wikipedia, Goodreads or Amazon.

Please Note: Because of the growth and the ongoing popularity of this list on this post, the list has been given its own page on this site where it can live and grow forever and be found easily from the top line navigation. Thank you authors and readers for your support of this endeavor! The original post, with the first 3 major modifications that took it from 153 to 284 authors is below. The list maintained at the link in the navigation above now approachs 400 living, writing, lesfic authors.The Top 153 Lesfic Authors Still Writing

Please Note: This list is fluid. If a website is wrong or there’s an author you think should be here (yourself included) that isn’t, please let me know. Please feel free to share this list far and wide! 

Also: Many of these writers write lesbian romance novels primarily or only. In an ongoing effort, I’m working to note those who have lesfic novels in genre’s other than romance or mixed with romance, who may or may not also write romance only focused works. They’re noted after their entries as follows:

  • (C) Comics or Graphic Novels
  • (E) Erotica
  • (F) Fantasy
  • (H) Horror
  • (L) Literary Fiction
  • (M) Mystery & Suspense
  • (P) Paranormal
  • (RS) Romantic Suspense
  • (S) Sci-fi
  • (T) Thriller


  1. AJ Adaire –
  2. Pat Adams-Wright –
  3. Mardi Alexander – 
  4. Robin Alexander – (M)
  5. Sunny Alexander – No website found. Goodreads profile:
  6. Xenia Alexiou – (writes with Kim Baldwin)
  7. Dorothy Allison –
  8. Lynn Ames – (M)
  9. S. W. Andersen –
  10. Elizabeth Andre –
  11. Lynn Ames –
  12. Mavis Applewater –
  13. Ann Aptaker – (M)
  14. Kiki Archer –
  15. J.A. Armstrong –
  16. Clare Ashton –
  17. Victoria Avilan –
  18. Kelli Jae Baeli – (M)
  19. Karen D. Badger – 
  20. Darla Baker – No website found. Goodreads profile:  Amazon author profile:
  21. Kim Baldwin – (M, T)
  22. Roslyn Bane –
  23. Jeanne Barrett Magill (aka Barrett) –
  24. Solia Panche Bealti – No website found. Goodreads profile:
  25. Elizabeth Bear –
  26. Alison Bechdel – (C)
  27. Georgia Beers –
  28. Jove Belle –
  29. Sharon Marie Bence – No website found. Goodreads profile:
  30. Saxon Bennett – (sometimes writes with Layce Gardner) (M)
  31. G. Benson –
  32. Renee Bess – 
  33. Ronica Black – (M)
  34. Julie Blair –
  35. Lucy Jane Bledsoe – 
  36. Cheyenne Blue –
  37. Andrea Bramhall – 
  38. Gun Brooke –
  39. Harper Bliss –
  40. R.E. Bradshaw – (M)
  41. Bonnie Hoover Braendlin – (M)
  42. Melissa Brayden –
  43. Jane Brooke – (E, M)
  44. Rita Mae Brown – (M)
  45. Lila Bruce –
  46. Kris Bryant –
  47. Liz Bugg – (M)
  48. Beth Burnett –
  49. Nat Burns –
  50. C. D. Cain –
  51. Geonn Cannon –
  52. Julie Cannon –
  53. Amalie Cantor –
  54. Sydney Canyon – No website found. Goodreads profile:
  55. Suzie Carr –
  56. Dawn Carter – (M)
  57. Marie Castle –
  58. Gaelle Cathy –
  59. Jesse Chandler –
  60. Sharon Cho – No website found. Goodreads profile:
  61. Kate Christie –
  62. Barbara Clanton –
  63. Baxter Clare – (M)
  64. B.L. Clark –
  65. R. E. Conary –  (M)
  66. Blayne Cooper – Website leads to Asian language site. Goodreads profile:  (M)
  67. Ivan Coyote –
  68. Delores Cremm – 
  69. Cheyne Curry – 
  70. Lea Daley –
  71. Leslie Davis –
  72. Ellen Dean –
  73. Ellen Degeneres – Okay, she writes primarily humor and memoir for a vast audience but no way you could leave her off this list…some humor is fiction…most isn’t.
  74. Jane Dilucchio –
  75. Sandra de Helen –
  76. Sophia DeLuna
  77. Fletcher Delancey –
  78. Trin Denise – No working website. Goodreads profile:
  79. Barbara Dennis – No website found. Goodreads profile:
  80. Diane DiMassa – No legitimate website bearing her name (taken over by an Asian language site). Goodreads profile: (C)
  81. M.J. Doherty – (M)
  82. Emma Donoghue –
  83. JM Dragon – No website found. Goodreads profile:
  84. Moondancer Drake –
  85. KB Draper –
  86. A.L. Duncan –
  87. Helen Dunn –
  88. Nann Dnne –
  89. Erin Dutton –
  90. R. G. Emanuelle –
  91. Kelley Eskridge –
  92. Bridget Essex –
  93. Camryn Eyde – 
  94. Makenzi Fisk – (M, P)
  95. Lula Flann – (M)
  96. Judy Folger –
  97. Donna K. Ford – No ‘author’ website found. Goodreads profile: 
  98. Katherine V. Forrest – (M)
  99. Jesse Frankel (aka J. S. Frankel) –
  100. Catherine Friend –
  101. Lynn Galli –
  102. Layce Gardner – (Sometimes writes with Saxon Bennett) (M)
  103. Lyn Gardner –
  104. S. Anne Gardner – No website found. Goodreads profile:
  105. Riley Adair Garrett – Book links not available from site. Goodreads profile:
  106. Pauline George –
  107. JD Glass – No website found. Goodreads profile
  108. Shira Glassman –
  109. Melissa Good –
  110. Rachel Gold –
  111. Jewelle Gomez –
  112. Melissa Grace –
  113. Roselle Graskey –
  114. Nicola Griffith –
  115. Mary Griggs –
  116. Agnes H. Hagadus – No author website found. Goodreads profile: 
  117. Anne Hagan – (M, RS)
  118. Sophia Kell Hagin –
  119. S.M. Harding –
  120. CL Hart –
  121. Ellen Hart – (M)
  122. Nancy Anne Healy – (RS, T)
  123. Fran Heckrotte – No working website found. Goodreads profile:
  124.  Yvonne Heidt –
  125. Natasja Hellenthal –
  126. Clifford Henderson –
  127. Dotti Henderson – No website found. Goodreads profile:
  128. Patty G. Henderson –
  129. Gerri Hill – (M)
  130. E.M. Hodge –
  131. Alison Naomi Holt – 
  132. Lorraine Howell –
  133. Cari Hunter – (M, RS)
  134. Isabella –
  135. Jae –
  136. Heather Rose Jones – 
  137. EA Kafkalas –
  138. Karin Kallmaker –
  139. Jody Klaire – (F)
  140. J. E. Knowles –
  141. Lori Lake –
  142. Catherine Lane –
  143. K. E. Lane – No working website found. Goodreads profile:
  144. Riley LaShea –
  145. Erica Lawson –
  146. Lez Lee – No website found. Goodreads profile:
  147. Shiralyn J. Lee –
  148. Valerie Lee – No website found. Goodreads profile:
  149. P.V. LeForge – (L, M)
  150. Jackson Leigh –
  151. Jenifer Levin – No website found. Goodreads profile:
  152. D.K. Linda – No website found. Goodreads profile:
  153. Clare Lydon –
  154. Lee Lynch – (M)
  155. K.G. MacGregor –
  156. Renee MacKenzie – 
  157. Lise MacTague –
  158. Lucy J. Madison –
  159. Rae D. Magdon –
  160. Rachel Maldonado –
  161. Catherine Maiorisi – Website under construction:  Goodreads profile:
  162. Jackie Manthorne – No website found. The author hasn’t published since 2000 but she remains active on Twitter and in the lesfic community. Goodreads profile:
  163. Diane Marina –
  164. Andi Marquette – (M)
  165. Michelle Marra – No website found. Goodreads profile:
  166. Dannie Marsden –
  167. Marianne K. Martin – Only publishing website found. Goodreads profile:
  168. Paula Martinac –
  169. Pamela Mauldin –
  170. Robbi McCoy –
  171. Val McDermid – (M)
  172. M.K. McGowan –
  173. Kate McLachlan – (F, M)
  174. B.E. McLaughlin – (M, P)
  175. Ann McMan –
  176. Gill McKnight –
  177. Liz McMullen –
  178. Claire McNab – (M)
  179. Heather McVea –
  180. Susan X Meagher –
  181. K’anne Meinel – (M)
  182. JP Mercer – No website found. Goodreads profile:
  183. Ronni Meyrick – No website found. Goodreads profile:
  184. Laydin Michaels – You can purchase her December 2015 debut novel from her publisher (not reachable from her website) or from Amazon. Her Amazon author profile:
  185. BL Miller –
  186. Rogena Mitchell-Jones –
  187. Colette Moody –
  188. KA Moll –
  189. Iza Moreau – (M)
  190. Graysen Morgen – No website found. Goodreads profile:
  191. Annette Mori –
  192. Charlene Neil – No website found. Goodreads profile:
  193. Nik Nicholson –
  194. Baren Nix – No website found. Goodreads profile:
  195. J. Nolan –
  196. Linda North –
  197. T. Novan – No website found. Goodreads profile: 
  198. Meghan O’Brien
  199. Erin O’Reilly – No website found. Goodreads profile:
  200. K. Oliver –
  201. Alyssa Linn Palmer –
  202. Syd Parker –
  203. Kayt Peck –
  204. VK Powell –
  205. Chris Paynter –
  206. Cathy Pegau –
  207. Julie Anne Peters –
  208. Bev Prescott –
  209. Kim Pritekel –
  210. Ashley Quinn –
  211. Radclyffe (aka L.L. Raand) – (M)
  212. A.E. Radley –
  213. Adan Ramie – (H)
  214. J.M. Redmann – (M)
  215. Rhavensfyre –
  216. D. Jordan Redhawk –
  217. Aurora Rey –
  218. Tracey Richardson – (M)
  219. Taylor Rickard – No website found. Goodreads profile:
  220. Blythe Rippon –
  221. Del Robertson – No website found. Goodreads profile:
  222. Pol Robinson – No book related website found. Goodreads profile: 
  223. Crystal Romero –
  224. Robin Roseau* – The pen name for the (sometimes controversial) male lesfic author Joseph P. Larson.
  225. Carol Rosenfeld – No website found. Goodreads profile: 
  226. EJ Runyon –
  227. Laurie Salzler –
  228. R.J. Samuel –
  229. Justine Saracen – No working website found. Good reads profile:
  230. Shamim Sarif –
  231. Lacey Schmidt – No personal website found. Goodreads profile:
  232. Sandra Scoppettone – (Now 80, not actually writing but hardly should be left off this list). No legitimate website bearing her name (taken over by an Asian language site). Goodreads profile: (M)
  233. Genta Sebastain – Goodreads profile:
  234. Djuna Shellam –
  235. Kory M Shrum –
  236. Erik Schubach –
  237. Linda Kay Silva –
  238. Jen Silver –
  239. Ericka K. F. Simpson –
  240. Jennis Slaughter –
  241. Adrian J. Smith – (F, M, P)
  242. L.T. Smith –
  243. Alison R. Solomon –
  244. Raven J. Spencer – No website found. Goodreads profile:
  245. Rachel Spangler –
  246. Ali Spooner – No website found. Goodreads profile:
  247. Nell Stark –
  248. Rebecca Sullivan – Goodreads profile:
  249. Kate Sweeney – No working website found. Goodreads profile:
  250. Carsen Taite –
  251. Michelle L. Teichman –
  252. Keira Michelle Telford –
  253. S.Y. Thompson –
  254. T.T. Thomas –
  255. M.E. Tudor – (M)
  256. Ali Vali – No website found. Goodreads profile: (M)
  257. Vanda –
  258. Elle Vaughn –
  259. Missouri Vaun –
  260. Laina Villeneuve –
  261. Anastasia Vitsky –
  262. Karis Walsh – 
  263. Libby Ware – 
  264. Elizabeth Watasin –
  265. Sarah Waters –
  266. Rebekah Weatherspoon –
  267. HollyAnne Weaver –
  268. Tara Wentz – (RS)
  269. Caren Werlinger –
  270. Gabriella West –
  271. Alex Westmore –
  272. Kenna White –
  273. KD Williamson –
  274. MJ Williamz –
  275. B.L. Wilson –
  276. Catherine M. Wilson –
  277. Rachel Windsor –
  278. Barbara Winkes –
  279. Lee Winter – No website found. Goodreads profile: (M)
  280. Jeanette Winterson –
  281. Barbara Ann Wright –
  282. Kieran York –
  283. Fiona Zedde –
  284. Kristen Zimmer –


I have to mention these writers because the body of work they’ve contributed to lesbian fiction is…well, there are no words. Each is an icon with important works (often fiction and non-fiction) going back generations.

Tee Corinne – Goodreads profile:

Cate Culpepper –

Leslie Feinberg –

Radclyffe Hall – Goodreads profile:

Patricia Highsmith – Goodreads profile:

Isabelle Miller (the pen name of Alma Routsong) – Goodreads profile:

Sandra ‘Sandy’ Moran –

Jane Rule – Goodreads profile:

Gertrude Stein – Goodreads profile:

Virginia Woolf – Goodreads profile:

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127 Responses to The Top 153 Lesfic Writers Alive (and Still Writing) Today

  1. Ann Aptaker says:

    Thank you so much for including me in such stellar company!

  2. Wow…yes I remember when I used to have to scour Amazon for my next and sometimes would settle for something awful because there wasn’t as much quality out there. Now….I struggle to keep up with all the books I want to read in my cue! Thanks for including me BYW!

  3. May we recommend others for your list? I’ve always loved the sci-fi romance written by Cathy Pegau (, for example. 🙂

    • Anne Hagan says:

      Of course, and thank you for the assist. Not being very familiar with sci-fi, I knew I’d miss a couple. There don’t seem to be any inclusive lists of lesbian themed works in that genre…imagine that. I checked Cathy out. She doesn’t always focus on lesfic but some of her novels are definitely there and she always has strong female characters, lesbian or straight so she definitely belongs on the list. Ladies, we’re up to 154!

  4. heatherrosejones says:

    I have a website for my writing at, as well as a personal website at

  5. Linda North says:

    I’m honored to be on the list with such great lesfic writers.

  6. Anne – You made my day! ( and it’s been a pretty good day). Thanks for including me with such amazing company. My new book, Heartwood, is out in July.

  7. Hi Anne,

    Erm, I’m going to be very unbritish here, but you did say self-recommendations were acceptable too. So…Andrea Bramhall. Lol. ?
    I’ve just published my 6th lesfic novel, Collide-O-Scope, and won the Lammy a couple of years ago for Clean Slate.

    This is my website, and I’m on good reads too.



  8. TT Thomas says:

    Thanks for inclusion on this list…pretty amazing to see all my friends here!

  9. Thank you for including me. What a thrill. FYI, my website is under construction but I’m hoping it will be available soon.

    Catherine Maiorisi

    • Anne Hagan says:

      You’re very welcome. As for your site, I’ll go ahead and include the link on the list but I’ll leave the others there too until you’re live. Please keep me posted.

  10. rhavensfyre says:

    Thank you for taking the time to make such a comprehensive list and for including us.

  11. Del Robertson says:

    I have a few for you: Affinity authors –
    Erin O’Reilly
    Renee Mackenzie
    Lacey Schmidt
    Oh, and Del Robertson

  12. Robin Lynn says:

    Elizabeth Hodge GCLS Goldie winner for Poetry 2016

    • Anne Hagan says:

      While I don’t doubt that Ms. Hodge is a wonderful writer, the only publication from her I can find to date is a book of poetry. This list, this time, is for fiction writers, especially novelists. Many of the writers on this list do write poetry too and there are a number of other great lesbian poets so that may have to be another list down the road, once I catch up on all of the recommendations for this one.

  13. Elizabeth Hodge says:

    S.Y. Thompson should be on this list

  14. Renee Bess says:

    Please take a look at for a long list of lesbian writers of color. There are four more of us than the three you have listed here. Thank you. #stillsearchingforaplaceatthetable

  15. erindutton1 says:

    Erin Dutton here. I write romance for Bold Strokes books. In August, my 11th title comes out. Some other recs for great authors doing some great writing are V K Powell and Donna K Ford.

  16. This is a fabulous showcase to some of the many talented authors in our lesfic community, but may I recommend the additional authors at these top lesfic publishers— Bella Books,; Bold Strokes Books,; and Ylva Publishing, Although many of these authors from those publishers are, indeed, represented here, many, many of their equally talented colleagues are not. Blythe Rippon, at; LT Smith, at; and Karis Walsh, at are but a few who were overlooked here, as were numerous other Lammy winners and fan favourites. I understand the difficulty and the danger of trying to compile a truly inclusive list of this importance and magnitude, but I hate to see any of these amazing authors be left out, or worse, for anyone to miss the opportunity to add them to their list of must reads!

    • Anne Hagan says:

      I’ll certainly add the three you mentioned by name, with links. I do apologize but as most lesfic authors do, I have a day job and I work my own writing around that. It will be some time before I can comb through the publisher sites and ferret out authors I missed. Fortunately, I’ve been contacted already by several personally which helps.

  17. camryneyde says:

    While new to the scene, I released a few novels in the past year (with more to come) and would love to be included on your list. My website
    On a reader note, a great list of wonderful writers! Great job.

    • Anne Hagan says:

      These recommendations were also added. You’ll find Pol Robinson under “New and Noteworthy”. So far, she’s only written one book, her Goldie award winning debut novel in 2011. She keeps a personal blog that doesn’t seem to have much to do with writing lesfic or continuing to do so.

  18. shentaur says:

    Wow, this is quite a list, thank you for your time compiling it. The author I noticed is missing is Julie Cannon. Her website is She is published by Bold Strokes Books.

  19. Jae says:

    Hi, Anne. Thanks so much for putting this list together and also for including me! My website is actually (the URL you have is my old blog).

  20. Nancy D Kessler-Moore says:

    Lori Lake not on your list?? One of the best!!

  21. Allison Mugnier says:

    Thank you! I have a feeling you’ll get more & more names from authors and their friends. The number of books & authors has indeed exploded in the last few years. This is an ambitious project!

    • Anne Hagan says:

      It is ambitious and I realized it shortly after I started. My original intent had been to do 50, give their primary genre’s and their best known books. As I discovered more and more names, I had to change course but I’m up to the challenge. The only thing I really don’t have time to do is go through each of the lesfic publisher sites, ferret out all the names and then research them to figure out if they have a website or not. People keep submitting names to me with links to their ‘current’ publisher but so many of these authors have been published by more than one and the publisher site isn’t a good representation of their whole body of work.

  22. Allison Mugnier says:

    Thank you. I know Pol is working on another book or two but real life has interfered with her writing the last few years. Hopefully she will have time soon to write more.

  23. Elizabeth Hodge says:

    Perhaps a list of top, living lesbian poets

  24. Anne Hagan says:

    She’s been added. Thanks for the heads up!

  25. elizandersen says:

    Alphabetically: Catherine Friend, Jenifer Levin, Marianne K. Martin, Bev Prescott, Carol Rosenfeld, Justine Saracen, Baxter Clare Trautman, Kenna White should all be on any list.

  26. Kat says:

    Not to be an asshole but this doesn’t seem to be a “top” authors but a list of anyone who’s published a lesfic book. I’ve read books by some on the list which were downright awful. One author listed actually wrote the absolute worst book I’ve ever read. The worst. And I’ve read several hundred lesfic books over the years.

    Maybe take the “top” off the title and use it more as a resource for folks who want to find possibilities.

    • Anne Hagan says:

      The list is vetted pretty closely, actually. 95% of the authors here have written multiple books that fall within the realm of lesfic, regardless of overall genre. There are only a couple of one hit wonders on the main list and oh what hits they are. Please keep in mind, what may be awful in your eyes, may be a treasure to someone else. I’ve personally read books that have opened my eyes to things that I never knew existed that the were roundly panned by others. And, recently, I read an author’s debut book which I didn’t like at all but others found to be brilliant. With my own books, I find some that devour everything I write (and I thank them wholeheartedly!) and others that push them away without a second thought. Too each, their own.

  27. kejaeck says:

    Alison Holt should be added. She’s one of my favorites.

  28. Hi Anne, I’ll throw my hat into the ring. I have two novels with strong female queer protagonists. One of my books is Time of Grace, a lesbian historical novel set in Ireland at the time of the Easter Rising of 1916. I also write MM romance, but after finishing this series I’ll probably go back to a lesbian romance! My website is

    I’d suggest including the authors of Patience and Sarah and Annie on My Mind in the late, lamented section. Thanks for your hard work!

    • Anne Hagan says:

      Hi there, I checked out your site and your books and then added you. I hadn’t heard of your work before so thanks for introducing yourself to me and to the rest of the lesfic community. We all hope you go back to writing lesbian romance, I’m sure. The more, the merrier.

  29. I’m humbled to be listed with so many stellar authors in the genre. I’ve learned of multiple authors new to me that I’ll have to read now. 🙂

  30. Clare Ashton says:


    Great to see a list like this and thanks for including my details on it 🙂

    A few more British authors for you at:

    Australian authors that I don’t think are on your list yet include: Diana Simmonds, Mardi Alexander, Michelle Grubb, C. Fonseca, Kate Genet (New Zealand)

    Good luck with the list!


    • Anne Hagan says:

      Several of those are on the list, many are not. I’ll have to add it to my list of sites to work through as I get the time. Thank you for the suggestion.

  31. A.E. Radley says:

    Hi Anne,

    Firstly, thank you for taking the time to write such a fantastic list, I imagine that it took you a while – especially with the additions being added!

    Secondly, I was wondering if you would include myself in your list? I published a lesfic novel in March of this year and my second book is due out in November. My name is A.E. Radley and my website is

    Thank you for considering me and for bringing the community together with so many names in one place!

  32. Anne, thanks so much for this list of amazing writers and for including me. I’m grateful and flattered to be included. Now, especially, I’m thankful for our supportive community of writers, readers and friends.

  33. zenith171 says:

    I know Diane DiMassa personally and she is resurrecting Hot Hed Lesbian . She has been working on it for a few year.

  34. Aurora Rey says:

    First, what an amazing and inspiring list! Second, if I may be so bold, I’d love to be added! Aurora Rey,

  35. Thanks for the list How things have changed in so few years!
    There is one new Australian author I would love to see included in your list – she has 2 books published & her name is Mardi Alexander
    I certainly enjoy reading her work and look forward to reading more from her in the future. It’s also refreshing to read an Aussie lesflic

    • Anne Hagan says:

      She wasn’t familiar to me so I checked her out and then added her. Lucky her, with a last name like ‘Alexander’, she’s now third on an alphabetical list. That ought to get her a little exposure outside of Australia!

  36. Thanks so much for putting me on the list with all these wonderful women! I am humbled to be in such good company.

  37. takes you to a japanese site. Other than that, cool list. Thank you for putting it together!

    • Anne Hagan says:

      Thank you for pointing this out. There’s a lot of that going around. In Blayne’s case, I actually did find another website – a blog – but she hasn’t updated it since 2013. For now, I’ve delisted a site for her and added in her Goodreads info.

  38. Yvonne Heidt says:

    So honored! Thank you!

  39. Pingback: Link Round Up: June 6 – 19 | The Lesbrary

  40. Joanna says:

    Thanks for the list and don’t forget the late great Jane Rule!

  41. Graysen says:

    I’ve written multiple bestselling titles for Triplicity Publishing. They also have Sydney Canyon. As well as KA Moll, whom you have listed. Thanks.

    • Anne Hagan says:

      Thank you very much. I’ll get you both added. I couldn’t find an author website for you so I’m using your page at Goodreads. Do you have one? I prefer not to use the publisher page because they fold/merge/change links/etc. far too often and many authors have published with multiple publishers. Failing a website, Goodreads tends to be the next best gauge of an author’s full body of work.

  42. Rulebreaker and Deep Deception are great lesbian SFR 🙂
    I also write lesbian fiction (3 titles with Bold Strokes Books, plus some short novellas).

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  45. Thank you so much, our authors, Dawn Carter and Shiralyn J Lee appreciate the time and effort you put into this post.

  46. Dawn Carter says:

    Anne, wow, thank you so much for this. I bow to the time it took you to put this together.

    • Anne Hagan says:

      The original 153 came fast and furious Dawn and you were on that. Lots of the authors that pop up in your (main) Facebook group were too. I mined a few of the bigger groups for names I wasn’t already familiar with. The next 100 trickled in daily from suggestions and just from me stumbling across them. I’d love to divide the list up and make it more useful. There isn’t a comprehensive list like this anywhere else. Most sites have 20-50 lesfic authors listed tops based on reviews they’ve done or just who the site owner enjoys reading.

  47. What a huge honor! Thank you!

  48. A great article! One name missing, though. A great friend of mine Ms BL Clark. Her first lesfic novel, To Love Again, was published by Sapphire in 2015. ?

  49. A.L. Duncan says:

    Wow. Just received this list. Thanks so much for including me here. What an honor to be among so many talents.

    • justdar826 says:

      Excellent list, quite an undertaking. I have four more for you. If you are going to include the spectacular Nicola Griffith you might do include her wife Kelley Eskridge. Her book, Solitaire, is a sensational scifi novel, which is actually being made into a major motion picture. Also, you included Missouri Vaun, who is spectacular. Her real name is Paige Braddock, she has been writing the Jane’s World comic strip for years and in fact Bold Strokes just published the first novel featuring the characters from that strip. Both Kelley and Paige have websites. Oh and also Jewelle Gomez, The Gilda Stories and 43 Septembers, written many years ago but Jewelle is still writing. And finally Lucy Jane Bledsoe. If you haven’t read her books, you are in for a real treat. She has a new one due out in October that I’ve been salivating in anticipation for a couple of years.

      • Anne Hagan says:

        Thank you very much for all four suggestions. Missouri Vaun actually was on the list already but the other three authors were not. Leaving Jewelle Gomez off was a major oversight on my part. Guilty! I was not familiar with the works of Eskridge and Bledsoe but they’re on my rather long (and growing longer) reading list and on this list now.

      • justdar826 says:

        Missouri Vaun’s real name is Paige Braddock and she published Lesbian fiction under that name as well, her Jane’s World novel and her terrific comic. IMHO that name deserves to be on the list, just so people know to look for it. But I’ll shut up now, since it’s your list. ?

      • Anne Hagan says:

        I did see that you included her real name in the previous comment and, in all honesty, I didn’t search on it since I already had her listed as Missouri Vaun. I have now and, while I have to say that I admire the work she did under her own name, this is a list of lesfic novelists. Though it does include two graphic comic book authors, my intent is to do a separate listing of them and of poets.

  50. Abbey says:

    This is a great list!! Thanks for providing it. I believe you missed Lynn Ames. Her website is

  51. You’ve put a smile on my face and warmth in my heart. <3

    You have a wonderful list of talented authors who continue to entertain our hearts and our minds. I am honored to have made the list!

  52. authorgenta says:

    I’d like to be added. I’ve won a GCLS award and a Rainbow Award

    Genta Sebastian

  53. georgi55555 says:

    Justine Saracen does indeed have a working website which you can find via author info at her publisher http://www.boldstrokesbooks. Com

  54. marygriggs says:

    Great list! I’d love to be added – I have four lesfic books published by Bella Books. This link is to my books on their site:
    My website is:

  55. Laina Villeneuve says:

    Super list! May I join too? I have three (almost four) books with Bella. Here’s the link to my backlist:

    • Anne Hagan says:

      I did add you and I thank you for the assist. One note: I added your Goodreads profile. I’m only using individual author websites or Goodreads. Authors tend to move from publisher to publisher and no publisher site is a good indicator of where the books are available besides from the publisher. Goodreads at least carriers most (if not all) of the major retailers where readers can get your books.

  56. Shawn Marie says:

    Hi- Here are two to consider adding, two for the RIP- Isabel Miller and Audre Lorde, and two for the main list- Isabella and Marie Castle.

    • Anne Hagan says:

      I’ve added three of the four in their respective areas. For now, I’ve left off Audre Lorde as this particular list is devoted to novelists and she was a poet. There’s been some call here for a list of poets and so that’s a planned future project. Thank you so much for your input. I was not familiar with Miller’s work at all and leaving Isabella off the main list was an oversight. I’m surprised no one caught it before.

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  58. Glad to see such a large list! Thanks for compiling it.

    Please add me: Sarah Ettritch – http;// Some of my novels don’t have a romance (or romance isn’t their primary genre). You can add F and M after my entry. Thank you.

    • Anne Hagan says:

      Thanks for the heads up. I’ll add you as F, M and S to the new list I’m creating as a page. It’s getting harder and harder for people to find the blog post unless I keep linking to it. I’m going to link it to the page though since the search engines have indexed it.

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  60. teryn says:

    You should add Sydney Gibson: I LOVE Sydney’s lesfic novels!

  61. Kieran York says:

    Thank you for including me, Anne. I appreciate this list – it is terrific.

  62. Archer Tinto says:

    Hi Anne – Thank you for compiling and updating the list. Would you please add my name? I’m one of the 3% or so you reference, being male and enjoying writing (mostly) sensitive, sensual, articulate stories. I like to think so, anyway, and some reviewers agree. “Spa Devotional” and “Nailed by Angel” are purely in the lesfic category. Salut!

    (btw, I apologize if there’s a dupe response — it kept giving me a submit error)

  63. Nita Round says:

    Hi, I also write f/f novels with Regal Crest. Fourth one is out now.

  64. Jae says:

    Great list, Anne. Thanks for including me. My website is actually:

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